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Keira Knightley And Her Crazy Jawline Said Something Cute


IMDB ran a blurb about Keira’s experience running for her life away from a stampeding herd of cattle. She said: 

I went for a walk in where we were staying and I turned around and an entire herd of cows were running at me down a hill. I’ve never run so fast in my life. I actually managed to vault this incredibly high stone wall. Death by cow would be a really bad way to go. They weren’t even bulls, they were dairy cows.”

“Death by cow” – that made me giggle.  Keira had a near-cow experience. 




Can I just express to you how much I loathe heavy bangs? I mean, that’s the least of Keira Knightley’s problems, obviously, but I really really hate these bangs.

How totally frumpy is she in this outfit?  She’s like the High Priestess of Frumpification.



“Hideous” just isn’t a big enough word to capture how totally awful this dress is.  If you’re going to wear a dress like this, you owe it to the designer to at least not have a neck the same circumference as my index finger. And for crying out loud, I am all for self-esteem, but Keira, you need boobs for this dress.  Please please please buy yourself some boobs.

I Don’t Get It

I’m sorry – I fail to see why anyone thinks Keira Knightley and her crazy square jaw and her ridiculous mom jeans is remotely attractive.

Also, if you watch her talk, you’ll quickly see that there are far too many teeth in her mouth. 

Just fyi.

Keira Knightley Wants You to See More of Her Bones


It’s not just that she’s skinny.  How come no one ever says anything about her jaw?  She looks, perpetually, as if she’s just had her wisdom teeth taken out.  Observe her in this picture trying to suck in her cheeks. This is a trick she has learned to take the focus away from the fact that a family of squirrels has made a home inside of them.

Keira Knightley Does Not Have an Eating Disorder


Keira Knightley showed up to some event the other day looking like this.  Apparently a few months ago she got all mad at some tabloid for implying that she was TOO THIN (the nerve!!!), and that perhaps she could possibly have an eating disorder of some kind.  This insinuation enraged her, you see.

I suppose if I looked like this, I would resent someone for suggesting I had anything to do with eating as well. 

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