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Kat McPhee Looks Different

I’m very disappointed with her new look, frankly. She had gorgeous long dark brown hair that I would have KILLED for. And now, she looks like the lead singer of Wilson Phillips after electric shock therapy.


But I dig her funky fabulous shoes. I’ll give her that.


I love this so much. Apparently a few weeks ago, Katharine McPhee, who you may remember from a million years ago I have a huuuuuuge crush on, was being harassed by some loser paparazzi from TMZ, and some random old black woman came out of nowhere to rescue her and fight off the paps. And now, Kat and that precious woman have gotten together to make this video.

I totally hope that woman is being handsomely paid for this. It’s always fun when someone random person who just did a nice thing for someone gets a windfall. Plus – she obviously has a great sense of humor. If I were a famous person I would totally hire her.


Kat McPhee Is Flat Awesome.

Ho. Lee. Crap.

I had almost forgotten why I had such a crush on her. Look at her gorgeousosity and listen to her fantabulousness after the jump.


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Kat McPhee McLoves Her Some McUglyness


Katharine McPhee has just become engaged to this.  Which just goes to show that you don’t have to be hot to score with someone hot.

Look at the gay guy with the pink sweater behind them.  Even HE’S grossed out.

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