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Stars. They’re Just Like Us!

I don’t know about you all, but when I see a sweater or a top or a pair of pants that I love love love, I may buy two – in two different colors or patterns or whatnot. Right? Who doesn’t do that?

You know who else does it? Kate Winslet.

Remember when I oo’d and ah’d over the dress she wore back in September? It was an utterly fantastic dress.

And it looks like she did the multi-buy thing like I do:

I don’t know that this color is as fabulous as the previous one. But it amused me that she wore two different colors of the same dress within a couple of months of each other. Because I guarantee you I’m not the only one who noticed.

Anyway, I still think she’s fabulous.

Kate Winslet Is Perfection

I know this dress is weird, but I love it. I. Love. It.

Who Said You Don’t Get Better With Age?

Kate Winslet is extraordinarily beautiful, and she just keeps getting more and more beautiful.  And Leonardo di Caprio is aging nicely too.

This is better than a before-and-after.  It’s a Look-Aging-Really-Isn’t-So-Bad photo.  LOVE.

This Is What Happens When You Win An Oscar

I hope like hell this isn’t true, but it seems that there’s a bit of an curse on Oscar-winning females.  Kate Winslet announced this week that she’s splitting from her husband.  Halle Berry broke up with her sex-addicted dude after winning.  Reese Witherspoon split from whatshisface after winning.  Julia Roberts – same story.

I will be SO PISSED OFF at Jesse James if there is an ounce of truth to this, because I loved them together and because Sandra Bullock is so freaking likeable.

Then again, this is In Touch we’re talking about.  It’s not like a pillar of truthful news reporting or anything.

But still.  UGH.


Behold: Interviews with Kate Winslet, Angelina Jolie, and Brad Pitt conducted with Giuliana from E!. I have an appreciation for the need for people in Giuliana’s position to sort of fly by the seat of their pants and come up with questions quickly, but YIIIIIIKES. Some of this was just painful.

First of all, could she have blown off Kate Winslet ANY MORE? She may as well have just said, “Yeah – listen to everyone screaming for Angelina and Brad. Please get off the stage now because I find them more important than you.”

And Angelina – soooo just barely tolerating some of those ridiculous questions. The whole, “Isn’t it nice to have Brad by your side to comfort you at these events?” What the hell does Angelina need comforting for? And then, I loved how Giuliana was all, “And I think there’s nothing maybe sexier and heartwarming than seeing a man who’s so good with children. Would you agree with that?” And Angelina just smiled and nodded graciously, even though she was probably thinking, “Are you serious with these questions? What am I going to say – NO – men who are good with children totally suck?”

It was the same thing with Brad. Giuliana actually asked him if Angelina’s beauty ever got old. And then she said, “Are you still struck by her beauty every day?” Brad was a good sport, but it would have been kind of awesome if he’d just screwed with her and said, “Yeah – you know – I am SICK AND TIRED of her beauty. I wish she’d just give it a rest already.”

Sooo much awkwardness.

Revolutionary Road Review!


I’m pleased to report that Mr. Mock and I were able to stay up long enough to see Revolutionary Road last night!  We ate, and then we shopped, and we still managed to have enough energy to see a 9.30 show.  Honestly, I think the post I wrote about possibly NOT having the energy to see the show actually gave me the motivation  I needed to stay up.  And to the movie’s credit, I stayed awake for the entire thing.

I’m going to give you my review after the jump, because if you are hell-bent on seeing it, you may not want spoilers all over the main page here.  So, if you actually care what I thought about a movie (and that is SO SWEET if you do), then jump in!

Continue reading ‘Revolutionary Road Review!’

Date Night


Friday nights are typically date nights for me and Mr. Mock, because I have an awesome mom who takes Junior Mock and Mini-mock for the night so that Mr. Mock and I can have couple time.  Often, Mr. Mock and I will make BIG PLANS for the evening, to include such typical date activities as dining out and seeing a movie.  Invariably though, because we’re lame and old, we stuff our faces and are subsequently too full and tired to muster up the energy to then sit in a theater.  Because that is EXHAUSTING.

TONIGHT, however, we are going to attempt to dine out and see a movie.  I want to see Kate Winslet in Revolutionary Road, because it’s Kate Winslet and I love her, and if I have the choice between seeing her make out with Leonardo Dicaprio in Revolutionary Road, and seeing her make out with some underage dude in The Reader, I will choose the former.

So our plan to stay awake this evening is to eat at the Cheesecake Factory and then shop until the movie starts at 9.30.  This will mean we’ll keep moving around until such time as we are allowed into the theater.  I have no idea how successful this plan of attack will be.   We could easily fall asleep IN the theater.  You’ll know either way, because I’ll either provide a movie review to you in the morning, or I’ll avoid the topic altogether out of total embarassment for not being able to stay up long enough to see it.

Random News From All Over

1. Pete Wentz talked to Howard Stern about his fantabulous sex life with Ashlee Simpson in total disgusting detail.  Tidbits of note included the fact that just a few weeks after their baby was born, they are not yet having relations of a sexual nature because “She’s not ready down there” so they do “other fun stuff.”  And, about her breastular area:  “She’s a C, but I think with the breast milk it’s a D.”  That totally makes me want to vomit.

2.  Kate Winslet is a complete and total knock-out and I officially have a crush on her.  Evidence:


3.  There are rumors floating that Gerard Butler could be “cozying up” with PARIS HILTON.  That makes me want to vomit more than knowing Ashlee Simpsons boobs are bigger due to the milk in them.

4.  Katie Price, famous for having a billion “adjustments” made to her face and body by way of surgery of a plastic nature, and for always being totally orange-tan, posed on the cover of Playboy, and ripped on Dita Von Teese’s cover, saying, “I just saw Dita Von Teese’s cover and it’s crap. The woman is rank. It’s not my cup of tea that she’s so pale. I think the pictures look a bit Readers’ Wives. It didn’t look like Playboy to me.”   You be the judge:


How Freaking Gorgeous Is She?

I love Kate Winslet.  LOVE LOVE LOVE.

You guys, Daisy and I are back.  We are SPENT, figuratively and literally and a lot of other ‘ly’s, from all the shopping.  We had an absolutely RIDICULOUSLY awesome time, and it was capped off by lunch at the Top O’ The ‘Cock today.  PERFECTION.

Anyway, while I was gone, Mr. Mock took care of all the normal household-related stuff, and went to work, and repaired some stuff on his truck, and took care of the kiddos,  and INEXPLICABLY, he is unwilling to rub my feet this evening, which are tired and sore from all of the shopping.  Men.  So inconsiderate.

I believe Daisy has a few more videos to post, and hopefully those will be available sometime later this week for your enjoyment.  Sorry today was so non-posty, but we had MUCH damage to do on Magnificent Mile.

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