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So, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking, and I’ve decided that Kate Middleton has landed the number 2 spot in my list of favorite female fashion icons. Behind Victoria, obviously.

I know. Your world has been totally rocked by this news.

No one will ever replace Victoria at the number one spot, because she’s the only female alive who can wear the most ridiculous outfits in the world, and make them look NOT ridiculous. Kate Middleton is number two, because she rarely, if ever, chooses ridiculous outfits. Her look is decidedly conservative, and yet somehow it’s UBER HOT. Frankly, I don’t think she could get away with wearing half of the stuff my Victoria wears, but it’s ok, because she probably wouldn’t want to anyway.

Anyway, I thought it was important to share this new development with you, so that you’d be prepared for me to be all enthusiastic about everything Kate ever wears ever from this point forward.  BEHOLD:  a collection of her total fabulosity, from super casual all the way to wedding, and everything in between.  SHE IS FLAWLESS.

This Totally Gave Me The Glees

When I was watching the royal wedding all 8 times that I watched it, I remarked out loud to whoever happened to be with me during that viewing that I thought it was kinda dumb that their vows included “for richer or for poorer” seeing as how “poor” is probably not a term that’s even familiar to Kate and William.

Which is why I totally cracked up at this:

I’m a peasant.  I know this.  But I still love those two.  🙂

Obviously, We Have To Talk About The Royal Wedding


First of all, Kate Middleton looked totally flawlessly beautifully gorgeously perfect.

I mean, this dress is just everything it was supposed to be only way more.  My only beef with this is the bouquet, which is way too small and way too cheap looking.  But the dress?  EXQUISITE.

And her sister Pippa?  OMG BEANPOLE.  Gorgeous, perfect beanpole.

Just unspeakably beautiful.  I can’t even TAKE how gorgeous they are.  I was at Leroy’s this morning with some of her family and friends, and we were all just in awe.

The Queen looked like an Easter egg, but she’s so old at this point I don’t think she can even help it.  Kate’s mom, who looks like the long lost sister of Anjelica Huston, looked gorgeous in her icy blue, and even Camilla looked ok:

But Fergie’s daughters were total disasters.  LOOK AT HOW WRETCHED they were:

They can’t be serious, right?  I mean, they did this as some sort of huge joke, or as a dare, or SOMETHING.  Because everything is wrong.  EV.ERY. THING.

Harry’s girlfriend was also kind of a trainwreck:

You can’t really tell in that photo, but she’s too tan.  And she needed a brighter lipstick.  And she needed to wear the same COLOR on both top and bottom.  Or just something else entirely.  Ick.

Naturally, my Victoria and David looked AMAZING.  I MEAN LOOK AT THEM.

I just couldn’t love them any harder.  And look at her shoes.  She’s ready to birth a child, and yet she’s in like 8 inch Louboutins.  I LOVE HER SO MUCH.

Anyway, I’m basking in after-wedding happiness right now.  I’ll mock something later.

Look. I Like Them Too, But…

this is ridiculous.

I mean, a t-shirt that you wear around the house?  Maybe.  Even that’s a stretch.  But an ACTUAL APPLIANCE?  I wouldn’t even have a Robbie Williams refrigerator.  Or a Beckhams refrigerator.  And you know how much I love them.

Some things just need to stay celebrity-free.

You Know What Looks Ridiculous?

Fur hats. Apparently it’s super royal to wear them, but I think they look absurd. BEHOLD:

I have to believe that Kate Middleton will avoid this particular fashion disaster. So far, I’m loving her style.

Now, I reserve the right to change my mind completely on this if Victoria Beckham pulls off a fur hat.

Will and Kate, Hugh and That Chick

So this photo came out of Prince William and his on-again off-again girlfriend Kate. And you guys, it IMMEDIATELY reminded me of Hugh Grant and that chick from Love Actually.  Do you see it?  Do you?  LOOK!


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