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I Have Good News And Bad News.

The good news, is that according to this,  Kate Gosselin’s show Kate Plus Eight is finally getting axed.

The bad news is that I have that same necklace she’s wearing in the above photo.



Right?  I mean, that’s not a hand gesture that a person makes in the course of daily life.  I think the only possible explanation is that she’s in a gang, and this is their gangsta sign.

Kate Gosselin Cries And Dances Terribly. Again.

I’m evil for enjoying these clips so much, aren’t I.

And just for frame of reference, here’s what an Actual Paso Doble looks like when it’s performed on an Actual Dance Show:

Kate Gosselin’s Dance Partner Hates Her

Well, not anymore, apparently, but at least earlier this week he did. And that’s the fun part of this clip to watch, so I chopped off the part where they made up. 🙂


Someone Explain.

This is Kate Gosselin performing on Dancing With The Stars, and then looking like she might cry when the judges criticize her.

Why does anyone watch this show? I will never understand this. Especially when you could be spending your time watching people with Actual Talent dance. People who dance so well that it practically makes you cry. BEHOLD, a perfect example – and one of my favorite dances ever from SYTYCD, which is so much better than Dancing With The Stars that it’s inexplicable to me that Dancing With The Stars even still gets to be a show.

I mean, that move at the 52 second mark? ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME? Brilliant.

Or there’s this one:


Seriously – someone explain the DWTS appeal. Because I Do. Not. Get. It.

By Special Request

An alert and astute mockdocker sent me a recent picture of Kate Gosselin with a brief message that said, “Please mock Kate Gosselin and the mop she’s decided to wear.”

Ask and you shall receive, mockdockers.  With an even worse picture of the mop than what was originally submitted. 🙂

She kinda looks like she may have just gotten her wisdom teeth pulled.

Octomom Scoffs At Kate Gosselin’s Plastic Surgery And Bikini Shoot

BEHOLD: Nadya Suleman totally RIPPING on Kate Gosselin’s body, the fact that she’s had a tummy tuck, the fact that her body is “boxy” and the fact that she’s an “attention seeker.”

Can you even stand the hypocrisy? As if Nadya hasn’t had her face pulled in a million directions and her lips plumped up to slug-size. GAWD.

My favorite part is where she says that she’d NEVER do a bikini shoot, but that if she DID, she’d wear “cute little boy shorts” or something more classy.

Yeah. Fast forward to today:


Forgive Me, Mockdockers. For What I Am About To Say Is Sinful.


I actually giggled, in a non-contemptuous way, at Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt’s Halloween get-ups.  I mean, it’s totally un-original, because even I was waiting on a Kate Gosselin wig to use for work tomorrow but couldn’t find it in time.  But there is something about this photo that is positively hilarious.  I mean, the horrible t-shirt, and the doll babies – all of it.  It totally gives me the glees.

But no worries, I’ll go back to totally hating the holy hell out of them in about a half hour or so.  This too shall pass.

Deep Thoughts By Kate Gosselin


When asked if she’d ever remarry, Kate’s words of wisdom on the most recent episode of her show were these:

I really don’t want to be married again, but I don’t want to be alone. The alone-ness is really alone.”

Alone-ness is really alone, she says.  Huh.  I would not have realized that.  I’d be curious to hear her thoughts on loneliness as well.  Is loneliness as alone as alone-ness?

When The “I Didn’t Do It” Excuse Doesn’t Work, The “Ok I Did It But She Did Too” Is A Nice Back-Up


According to this, Jon Gosselin is still a total punk.

I mean, the article didn’t say THAT, exactly.  But basically that’s how I would summarize it.  Remember how earlier this month Kate went on the Today Show crying about how Jon stole $230,000 out of their account leaving her destitute and unable to properly spike the back of her hair?  And remember how Jon patently denied that accusation?

Well, now he’s saying he DID take the money, but that she took a bunch of money too.  $60,000 out of the same account, actually.

Can’t we do something about these societal parasites?  If Obama could arrange for them to disappear, I submit to you that he would then actually deserve the Nobel Peace Prize.

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