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Golden Globes


I love award shows, but the Golden Globes are by far my favorite.  And as you might expect, I have many many opinions on everything related to the Globes of tonight.

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Jennifer and Kate

These outfits make my head hurt.  I look at Jennifer’s outfit, and I want to like it, except that I hate that it’s all uneven and that the cut of it makes her boobs look like two enormous flat triangles.  And Kate Beckinsale looks like she’s not as much wearing a dress as she is being attacked by hundreds of clams.

Kate Beckinsale Plays With the Homeless


It’d be a heartwarming story, right?  If Kate Beckinsale made the day of a homeless dude just by showing him some attention?  Yeah, it would.  However, this is ROBIN WILLIAMS, who I’m pretty sure is fairly-well housed.  What the hell has happened to him?  He looks like he could be straight out of a Lords of the Ring movie.

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