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I can’t tell you how much it pains me to post this, but I feel like I’d be neglecting my celebrity mocking duty to ignore it. Do I feel kinda bad for Kate, even though she was a controlling, crazy nightmare when she was still married to that dillweed? Yes. I do. Because while she’s dealing with a daycare’s worth of children, he’s off boinking drug-using skanks. So yeah – I have a bit of sympathy for her.

But I’m still sick of these people. And I’m sick of them having the nerve to ever say they want to keep anything private EVER, when they have thrown themselves, quite purposefully, into the spotlight whenever they possibly can.


Jon And Kate Plus My Hate

So, I’m in the middle of watching last night’s episode of Jon and Kate Plus Eight, because I tivo’d it out of morbid curiosity, and I’ve just hit “pause” because Jon actually used the whole, “We have soldiers dying in Iraq and yet the paparazzi want to know what we ate for lunch” line.

Can I just tell you that there is nothing I hate more than when people who have whored themselves and their children out for fame and riches turn around and COMPLAIN about what it’s like to have fame and riches?  How does that moron not see the irony of him complaining about paparazzi INTO A TELEVISION CAMERA?

So yeah.  They’re getting a divorce because they’re both so completely despicable that they no longer can stand to be around one another.  And the show is taking a hiatus, which is really a blessing for the American public.


What Do You Think, Mockdockers?

I think they’re going to renew their vows (snort).

Who’s with me?

So apparently the ratings for their stupid show went down dramatically after the first episode this season, because people only tuned in for the initial juiciness, and then everything became boring.

Obviously, they’re divorcing. But the question is – what happens to the show now? Are they just going to televise the divorce proceedings and the kids crying? Because that’s just wack, you guys.

Kate Gosselin’s Belly Button Freaks Me Out.


I’m not saying she doesn’t look good, because she does.  She’s had a lot of surgical help to look good, and obviously TLC has gotten their money’s worth.  I knew someone who got a tummy tuck, and I remember that the weirdest thing I found out about tummy tucks from her is that they have to completely recreate your belly button.  Apparently, they basically cut out a whole bunch of your abdominal skin, including the belly button that used to connect you to your mother, and then they have to make you a new one.  The girl I knew who got one actually was instructed by her plastic surgeon to wear a MARBLE in her newly created belly button – to make sure it stayed open.

That whole thing completely freaked me out, and now that I’m looking at Kate’s belly button, I’m thinking that her surgeon remade hers WAY TOO HIGH.  Kate has absolutely no waist to speak of, so I can’t be totally certain about this, but I think her belly button should be a good 3-4 inches lower than it is. 


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