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The Most Pointless Video You Will Ever Watch

Eva Longoria and her husband Tony Parker remade Summer Nights, from the movie Grease, which starred the infinitely more talented Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta. I don’t know why they did it – I just know they did it. And it’s every bit as stupid as you might expect, and you’ll wish you hadn’t watched it after it’s done.

Enjoy. ūüôā

Gender Confusion

Did you ever look at a photo and think, “Wow.¬† That person is really genderularly confused?”¬† And maybe you didn’t think it in precisely that terminology, but you thought something along those lines?

That’s kinda how I felt when I saw this:


I had that same thought years ago when I saw this too:


Remember when John Travolta wasn’t a crazy Scientologist and chose instead to entertain us by wearing nothing but baby oil and rags?

Good times.

Scientology – You Suck.


You have probably already heard that John Travolta and Kelly Preston’s son, Jett, died yesterday at the age of 16, after hitting his head on a bathtub, most likely after suffering a seizure.

You know, at first I was just really really sad for this family, because how AWFUL, right?¬† I mean, it’s really awful.¬† But then I started reading some more stuff about them this morning, and their impossibly freaky allegiance to Scientology, and their total DENIAL that Jett was autistic, and I am becoming PISSED OFF at them.

Apparently, for YEARS, they’ve been denying Jett had any kind of mental disability, instead claiming that he suffered from Kawasaki syndrome, which is a childhood illness treated with high doses of aspirin, and it typically is pretty much dormant after early childhood.¬† It also doesn’t appear to have anything to do with any mental problems.¬† In other words, it doesn’t really have anything to do with Jett’s behavior.¬† Jett, at 16, had a full time care-taker.¬† Now, how many 16 year old kids do you know that have to have a full time care-taker?

There are all sorts of stories about interviewers who have talked to John Travolta about Jett, and even while Jett was sitting in the same room, basically rocking back and forth, John would sit there and talk about how much he liked to read and play sports, when it was painfully obvious he could do neither. 

Look at this video.

Now, I’m certainly not claiming to be an expert on autism, but in my non-expert opinion, Jett either had that or something very similar to it.¬† The kid was not right.¬† And what pisses me off is that he probably wasn’t being medicated for his seizure disorder, because Scientology is against drugs for mental problems, and he wasn’t being treated for autism because Scientology totally degrades people with disablilities and makes the parents of kids with disabilities just take a bunch more hugely expensive classes to figure out new and different ways to cover up the problem. It’s SICK AND WRONG, you guys.

Here’s another link to a story about a family who tried to “out”¬† Travolta.¬† Ugh.

It is completely awful that Jett died, but I am hoping that his death wakes up his utterly brainwashed parents so that they realize what a huge mistake¬†it was to ignore their son’s condition and allow him to suffer without proper treatment.

Stupid Scientology.¬† It’s a criminal, insane, and completely wacked out cult.¬† HATE.



I….I…..I am speechless.¬† I am without speech.


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