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Mockdockers, I Need Your Suggestions!

So, remember how awesome my birthday was, and how Mr. Mock planned this fabulous trip for us? Well, that trip is in just a couple of weeks now, and so basically it is all I can think about. Which kinda sucks for you guys, really, because you know how I get when I’m excited for something.

Anyway, I had been planning taking Dan Brown’s latest book with me for beach reading, but have now decided I’m too impatient to wait that long to read it, and besides, it’s hardcover and way too fat for a carry-on. So here’s what I need help with. Can you guys recommend some good girly beach books to me? My requirements are pretty simple:

1. It has to be in paperback.
2. It has to be a total page-turner that holds my interest.
3. It has to be light reading. I don’t want to tackle War and Peace or anything like that on a beach vacation.
4. It can’t be anything by Laura Zigman or Jodi Picoult, because I have already read everything that those women have written.

So? Can you guys help a sister out?

Cannot. Wait.

I think I’ve told you guys like 47 times how much I love Jodi Picoult novels. And My Sister’s Keeper is sort of the staple of Jodi books. It’s usually everyone’s favorite. And above is the trailer for the movie version of it, which can’t possibly be as good but which I will totally see and bawl at.


Mr. Mock Has All The Answers


So I want to tell you about a conversation I just had with Mr. Mock.  First, the background.  I think I’ve mentioned before that I’m CRAZY about Jodi Picoult’s books.  If you haven’t heard of her, you’ll probably be hearing about her more once Cameron Diaz’s movie “My Sister’s Keeper” comes out – it’s based on one of Jodi’s books. ANYWAY, my love for Jodi in no way diminishes my love for Laura Zigman, who as you know is a mockdocker and fellow Ashley Judd hater.

Jodi just came out with a new book, pictured above.  I’ve been waiting for MONTHS for a new book of hers to come out, because there hasn’t been a single thing she’s written that I haven’t absolutely GOBBLED UP.  Since I’ve read everything she’s ever written ever, she simply cannot write new books quickly enough.  And true to form, the moment I finished the first page of the new book, I was completely hooked.  And that’s the thing about Jodi’s books – I become so completely wrapped up in them that I tear through them in a matter of hours, and then I’m left feeling completely empty and yearning for more and then I have to wait for months for the next one to come out.  It’s like an addict waiting for the next high.

So I just finished the first few chapters of the latest book, and then I forced myself to put it down, and the following conversation with Mr. Mock ensued:

Me:  OMG – I love Jodi’s books SO MUCH.

Mr. Mock:  So you’ve said.

Me:  This new one is already so good – I don’t want to stop reading it.

Mr. Mock:  Then keep reading it.

Me:  But the more I read it, the quicker it’ll be over.

Mr. Mock:  Then stop reading it.

Me:  I don’t want to stop reading it.  It’s just that when a book is this good, I tend to read it really fast and then it ends before I want it to.

Mr. Mock:  Then don’t read it so fast.

See?  He’s got an answer for everything.

Mini-Me: The Cute Kind

I kind of have a girl crush on Reese Witherspoon.  Not my typical Kat McPhee/Angelina Jolie type of girl crush, where I think I could be fairly easily convinced to make out with either one of them, but the kind of girl crush where I want to sit around and have coffee with Reese Witherspoon, and talk about Jodi Picoult novels and exchange kid stories.  That kind.

How adorable is it that her daughter is literally a miniature version of her?  Seriously – have you ever seen a kid look more like its parent?

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