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Holy Mother Of Extravagance


BEHOLD:  TMZ’s obtained copy of the lunch tab for Jay-Z and Beyonce from a few days back at some swank restaurant in NYC.

You guys, they spent almost fifty thousand dollars on LUNCH.  And then there was an automatic 20% (over $7000) added for gratuity, and THEN they were nice enough to throw down an additional five thousand. 


You realize, of course, that this is a healthy ANNUAL SALARY for many people. 

Am I the only one who can’t even identify what half the stuff on that receipt even IS?

UPDATE: Apparently TMZ is now saying it wasn’t Beyonce and Jay-Z, but some Russian billionaire dude. Which has absolutely no bearing on my horror over a $50,000+ lunch tab whatsoever.

Solange Knowles Is A Pretentious Skankface

Solange Knowles made herself look like a total ass in a tv interview earlier.  I guess that her publicist was asked, pre-interview, if Solange could be asked about Jay Z’s club 40/40, and said publicist said no.  Which was fine.  Except that Solange for some reason thought that that conversation happened on camera, which it didn’t.  So instead of being gracious and acting like a normal person being interviewed, Solange was completely bitchy to the clueless and helpless TV host, who had no idea what the hell was going on.  A producer of the show actually had to say into Solange’s earpiece, basically, “Chill.  That wasn’t on air, you moron,” only the producer didn’t call her a moron and didn’t tell her to chill, much to my disappointment.  The rest of the interview then, was conducted without much incident, unless you count Solange’s entire bitchy demeanor as an incident.

You know what?  There is only one reason that Solange has had an opportunity to put out an album.  And that reason is Beyonce.  So for her to act like it’s unprofessional and inappropriate to tie her in any way to her sister and brother in law is just pure, grade-A crap.  I hope no one buys her album except for her mother, who should never be allowed to name ANYTHING, let alone people.


Click here to watch the awkwardness.

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