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It’s The Most. Wonderful Tiiiiime. Of The Year!

It’s state fair time, y’all! At least here in Indiana, anyway. And that means all kinds of fried awesomeness on all kinds of sticks. Now, I’m not sure I would partake in the delicacy featured in the video above, but I am ALL ABOUT fair food. I could seriously eat 19 ears of sweetcorn without even blinking.

I’m headed to the fair next week for sure, not only to eat fair food, but to look at the various landbeasts and skanks and perhaps get some good pictures, and ALSO to see Janet Jackson in concert. It makes me sad, because she used to fill giant stadiums, and now she’s resigned to sing at state fairs. But still, it’s Janet. Miss Jackson, if you’re nasty.

Lady Gaga Will NOT Be Outdone


Madonna can have her cone bras and Janet Jackson can have her nipple shields.  Lady Gaga was obviously determined to outdo both of them and anyone else who’s ever worn an unusual boobular contraption, by having HER boobular contraption explode into fireballs while she was performing.

That’s bold you guys.  Ya gotta give her that.

Do Not F*&K With Janet Jackson

She’s on tour, and she looks kinda pissed about it. 

Please use caution if you encounter her.


It’s nice of Janet Jackson to wear a hideous dress and then stick out her arms to show which way is right and which way is left, but her nipples are already doing a pretty good job of that on their own.

This Is Not Normal

No one’s waist should be cinched in this tightly.  How is she even breathing? 


You guys.  You know how Janet Jackson is coming out with a new album?  I just read that she has a lyric, and I’m not making this up, which is as follows:

“I’m heavy like a first-day period”

Seriously, how hard up are you for a lyric when THAT is the best you can come up with?  Was there NOTHING else heavy she could use?


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