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Sorry for being all non-posty today, mockdockers, but it was Indy 500 day, and I was there with Mr. Mock to soak up all the festivities. And this year, the B2 bomber, which is my MOST FAVORITE PIECE OF MACHINERY ON THE PLANET, did the flyover. I cannot express to you the amount of love I have for that spectacular plane. Seeing it in person always gives me the weepy glees. I don’t know why, exactly, the weeps come, but they do. I think because it’s the same for me as seeing something incredibly beautiful or hearing an amazing singer – I just get overcome with emotion from those things.

Yes. I am a cheeseball.

So I weepygleed over that, and then I got the weeps over Taps, which I ALWAYS get, because there is just something totally magnificent about 350,000 people becoming utterly and completely SILENT when Taps is being played by a single trumpet.

Kelly Clarkson and Seal sang the National Anthem as a duet, which I was kinda worried would be a hot mess but actually turned out to be ok. Parts of it were, in fact, quite nice. But I still will always prefer the National Anthem being sung the way it was originally written. I’m a traditionalist like that.

Anyway, it was a fun but exhausting day. And best of all? Ashley’s husband didn’t win, which meant that we were all spared what would have inevitably been a long diatribe from her in a post race interview. YAY!

The Dreaded Pearls Are BACK

You know how much I hate those big giant stupid pearls that Ashley Judd insists on wearing, right?  I think I’ve mentioned that several times before.   They’re back tonight, for the Indy 500 banquet, and you can see them in the below screen grab:

I think she’s scowling there because she’s not, in that moment, being fawned over by someone.  It was post-race photo op day earlier this morning, and naturally, it was All. About. Ashley.  Can you even tell, from this picture, who actually WON the race? Because she’s a thunder-stealer, that Ashley.

Dario is a swell guy, so I take nothing away from HIM for his win.  It’s his insufferable wife who makes me root against him.  That said, I LOATHE his hair.  You know who he looks like with that hair?

Talladega Nights, anyone?

Clearly, I Am Being Punished.

Ashley Judd’s husband won the Indy 500 today.  And if that isn’t painful enough, I was THERE to see it.

I think it’s because I laughed at this.

Update:  This photo makes me feel better somehow:

Funnest. Day. EVER!

I’m finally back, showered, and mostly sobered up from a glorious day at the Indy 500 with Daisy.  This was Daisy’s first ever 500, and we sat in the seats that I’ve occupied (courtesy of one my company VP’s) for like the last 6 years.  It’s always a fabulously fun group of people that we sit with, and our VP is FAMOUS for his gin and tonics, which Daisy and I had waaaaaay too many of.

The weather was glorious and perfect, and our seats are under cover, so it’s even MORE perfect because we’re in the shade all day.   And, while I have nothing against Ashley Judd’s husband specifically, it was a relief that he didn’t win because it meant that her big snooty face wasn’t all over the TV monitors constantly.  Because seriously, who wants this?


You know what totally cracks me up?  Without fail, every year, as I’m walking towards the fantabulous Indianapolis Motor Speedway, I see someone holding up a sign and yelling “Need tickets!!!” standing right next to someone else holding up a sign and yelling, “Get your tickets right here!”  I so want to just walk up to them, and say, “Hey – I know how I can save you both a whole bunch of trouble.”  But I never do.  I simply look at them and chalk it up to them being crazy race people who are just painfully oblivious to their surroundings.  But I’m serious you guys – I see this EVERY YEAR.

Anyway, such a great day.  Junior Mock and Mini Mock stayed with their grandma last night, and Grandma Mock said that Junior Mock slept the whole night!  That’s a first since his surgery, so I’m hoping he’ll do a repeat performance of that tonight.  Tomorrow, Daisy is bringing her boxer over to play with the boys, which should be heaps of fun. 

I’ll mock some stuff in a bit.  Hope all of you mockdockers had a fabulous Sunday!

Happy Indy 500 Eve!

Hey mockdockers!  Sorry to have been so non-posty today, but I’ve been hanging out at Daisy’s house with her four dogs.  Daisy has 3 Great Danes and a Boxer, and I love them because all of them are big dogs who are utterly unaware of their size.  It’s like a house of giraffes, and they just step on you and lay all over you even though their feet are longer than my entire arm.  I love this.

Anyway, I’ve been preoccupied with dogs, and away from the computer.  I’m spending the night at Daisy’s and then we’re heading to the Indy 500 tomorrow.  So, it’s going to be a fairly non-posty day tomorrow as well, because the Indy 500 is pretty much an all day event, as you may know.

And because I feel bad about all of this non-postiness, here’s a really cute kitty.


So I’m forgiven, right?

Basketball, Dogs Tricks, And Hotwheels

An alert and astute mockdocker sent me this video clip of a dog playing basketball far better than I could ever hope to.

I wasn’t anticipating going into the long weekend feeling this inadequate, really.

But listen! Today, my company held its own version of the Indy 500 – with hot wheels. Mr. Mock was very very excited for this when I told him about it last night. He spent a good hour testing all of Mini-Mock’s hotwheels to see which was the fastest, and then he created a make-shift transporter for me (using a Tiffany’s box). He gingerly placed the two fastest cars into the box, separated by large cotton squares. He painstakingly affixed labels onto each car – so I’d know which one was my primary car and which was my back-up. And finally, this morning, he sent me off with this message: “Failure is not an option.”

So needless to say, the pressure was on. I entered both cars into competition – with the primary driver listed as Crashley Thudd. And at first, it didn’t go well. My primary car lost in the first heat. But my back-up car? FLAWLESS. I won the championship, you guys. I am officially the first annual company 500 winner. I got a wreath and a jug of milk and everything.

So yeah – that dog might kick my butt at basketball, but I think I could take him in a hotwheels competition.

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