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Happy 30th Katherine Heigl! You look TERRIBLE!

We haven’t heard much from Heigly McSmokeypants in quite awhile. Well, from this photo we can clearly see what she has been doing since her 15 minutes of fame ended. But hey, before you all write me nasty comments about leaving celebrities who eat like normal people alone, and how my above sentence is contributing to the national epidemic of body image esteem dysfunctions, blah blah blah….I know full well that she is a very thin and attractive woman. I still think it’s hilarious when she is photographed in a way that makes her look like a 14 year old drama club president who has caught her monthly mensies.

Now that that is settled, let me explain a bit what The Heigler was doing for her birthday. Apparently her husband (pictured below looking quite douchey) took her out for her 30th birthday and treated her to a “Old Hollywood Glam” type event. And then, in the classiest of ways, she wanted to make a public stop at the local Mcee D’s. Not only did she make sure the paps were there, she left the door of her car open for this impromptu, totally casual and normal photo opt. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.

I have never felt so sorry for a dog before…part 2

Could this puppy be any more miserable? Let’s see…

HEY! Puppy…look over here!!  What do you think of Katherine Heigl?

I think this is an example of a dog shuddering. Poor puppy.

What a happy day for Heigl-haters…

So I have been saving these picts of the Heigler until I had something good to say. This is her at some benefit looking like somebody’s mom who squished her boobs together in a water bra in order to go “clubbin.” Here are two more beauty shots:

Yeahhh…real good, huh?

Anywhoo…as I glanced over the Internets this morning trying to find motivation to work, I found out about our Kat and her run-in with the law yesterday. 🙂

Apparently, she was smoking in public and threw her cigarette butt on the ground…completely disregarding a nearby trashcan. A bike cop peddled over and MADE HER PICK IT UP AND THROW IT AWAY! (Seriously, how great is that?)

From the Star,“the officer told Katherine to pick up the butt and throw it away in the trash, 10 feet away,” the source says. “He added that he’d fine her next time he catches her tossing trash on the sidewalk.”

How great would it have been if this member of LAPD’s finest said, “hey, you know what? I read theMockDock…and I think you suck. Quit taking yourself so seriously.”

A girl can dream, right?

She makes it too easy sometimes…

I’m not sure what is happening here. It looks like Katherine “Two Packs-a-Day” Heigl is preparing for a sprint in the Olympic trials while increasing the likelihood that everyone around her will be affected by second-hand smoke.

Also, a sweater and sandles? Nice look.

Do you know who I love?

Do you know who I love?

Seth Rogan. First off, I loooooved the show “Freaks and Geeks.” I am begging you all to rent the DVD of the series. I think it only lasted for a season. It is so awkward and perfect.

I also know that I would love to have Seth Rogen as a friend. Doesn’t he seem like just the BEST?!?

Here is the point of this love-fest of a post: LOOK at how annoyed he looks here with Katherine “Knocked Up was Sexist” Heigl. I think he hates her as much as me!

Anywhoo…he is on a press tour right now for Pineapple Express (which looks SO good). Jump the link to see what he said about Ms. SmokeyPants and how he can’t understand her “sexist” quote.

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Would they want her back?!?

Well, Katherine is opening up her big mouth again…and I love it because it is new material for Heigl-Haters. Yesterday, Smokes-a-ton was out and about and said this about RE-joining the Mormon church:

“I’m not as disciplined about it was I once was, but I hope to find my way back as I get older and a little less selfish. I’m ashamed to say that I’ve just got very lazy about it. I satisfy my vices instead of fighting them. If I start going back to church, I’d have to stop the smoking and drinking. And I wouldn’t be able to curse anymore.”

Wow. If this doesn’t make even you “on the border” Heigl fans see her true colors (and priorities)…then you might as well scroll on down to the next post.


And you thought the cigarettes would kill her…

Rumors are circulating that Grey’s Anatomy producers want blood. The Great Heigler has pissed them off one too many times now.  “It’s not good there,” a source tells me of the Grey’s Anatomy set. “Shonda is pissed. They’re thinking of killing her off. They want Izzie dead.”

Hee hee. Even if this wasn’t about the most annoying, jerk-like, beast of a person, I would laugh at a producer saying “I want her dead.” It makes it better that it’s about Katie. How great is it though that we here at the Mock Dock have started this revolution of despising this Smokler? I don’t know about you, but I’m going to put that on my resume.

I’ve never felt so sorry for a dog…

What exactly is she doing here? Besides being a total bee-yoch.

Pictures like this make my day…

Nothing to report here. Just another gooberish picture of Ms. High-n-Mighty. A gift, if you will.

NEVER feel bad for Katherine Heigl

Someone just recently said to me, “I feel bad for celebrities…they get hounded by the paparazzi.”


I’m sure you are looking at other entertainment blogs today and you are finding for the third straight day Katherine on vacation with her husband. Gag me.

Some of you might think, “jeeze, leave her alone to have a private vacation.”

You can clearly see here that moments before prancing in broad day light in a bikini (by the way, I refuse to post such images), she checks to make sure that “her people” are there, ready with their cameras.


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