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According to this, the pearl-wearing, wolf-saving, thunder-stealing, thesaurus-happy Ashley Judd will star opposite Patrick Dempsey in an “indie bank heist comedy” called Flypaper.  She is replacing Liv Tyler, so I’m assuming they’ve re-written the role to be appropriate for someone a full decade older, or they plan on using lots and lots and lots of make-up.

This comes as a bit of a surprise, since I’ve been CONVINCED that Ashley’s recent Master’s in Public Administration from Harvard was a big pre-cursor to a run for office.  Instead, she’ll start filming in Louisiana next week.  Although,  I suppose she could still find time to do that AND prepare for a 2012 run for something.

The movie is described as “the tale of a bank robbed by two groups of crooks at the same time. However, they both come under attack by a secret enemy (Dempsey), to save the bank teller whom he loves.”


Ashley Judd Is A Total Nutcase. In Related News, The Earth Is Round.


Apparently, other people are just now figuring out what I have been telling you mockdockers for like 2 years now – which is that Ashley Judd is a freaking LOON.

According to Us Weekly, Ashley is all settled in to the campus life at Harvard for her public administration classes, and she decided to invite a few chicks from one of her classes to her house for a “sharing circle.”  Because that is the kind of new-age nonsense that Ashley likes to take part in, when she’s not crying about wolves and wearing enormous pearls.

So, like normal college women, the invitees assumed they were going to a regular get-together.  What they neglected to take into account was that ASHLEY JUDD was hosting, which means “get-together” automatically translates into “forced social awkardness.”

Apparently, Uber-Feminist Ashley insisted that each girl stand up and give a personal monologue, and talk about themselves for a few minutes.  

I could almost see that, if after each girl were finished, they all got to chill out and be normal.  But after the monologues were complete, Ashley said, “Thank you all for coming” and then showed them the door.  What in the holy hell? 


Laura Zigman, Famous Author And Mockdocker, Now Involuntarily SHARES A CITY With Ashley Judd


OMG you guys.  I just got a facebook message from alert and astute mockdocker Laura Zigman, who as you may recall is the famous author who wrote the book that the movie Someone Like You was based on, which starred our arch nemesis Ashley Judd, and you will NOT EVEN BELIEVE how much Ashley thinks of herself today.

If you’re a reader of my sister site, you know that Ashley Judd is now enrolled in a Master’s program at Harvard – where she’s going to study Public Adminstration, presumably to eventually run for office, at which point obviously the world will end.  I have no doubt about this.  Anyway, according to this,  she’s not comfortable simply enrolling in the program like a regular person, because she apparently believes she’ll be mobbed by throngs of unwashed masses.

The article, which is kind of fabulous in its totally eye-rolling tone, says that Ashley has asked university officials to “take additional measures to ensure her privacy while studying” at the school.  The program director sent out an email blast outlining the steps that have been/will be taken to make sure Ashley isn’t bothered by any commoners.  They have put a privacy block on her student file, they have arranged for security detail to be present during any class coffee breaks just in case anyone from the “public” should attempt to talk directly to her, and the student body has been instructed on how to respond to inquiries about Ashley: ‘‘Simply turn the line of questioning back on them by asking who they are and what the purpose is of their query and contact security immediately to have them escorted off the premises if they are here inappropriately,’’ the email said. 

Lastly, the program director explained that all media calls should be directed to Ashley’s publicist, who, according to the article author, isn’t answering any questions anyway.  

Now, let me ask you this:  If Ashley Judd was so hell-bent on having her privacy respected during her studies, why in the holy hell did she have her publicist ANNOUNCE TO THE ENTIRE WORLD last week that she was going to enter the Harvard program to begin with?

And if all of this weren’t bad enough, your co-mockdocker and famous author Laura Zigman now has to share her hometown with Ashley, and risk seeing her at Harvard Square.  

Condolences for Laura may be left in the comments.

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