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I’ve Resisted For 7 Days, But It’s Time.

I think most of you old-timers know that when it comes to my birthday, I typically like to celebrate it for as long as possible. Remember last year? I celebrated it for like 2 straight months, and then I got to RE-celebrate it 6 months later when Mr. Mock and I went to Mexico (which was my present from him). Last year was a Big Birthday, so obviously this year won’t be quite as fantabulous, but still, I love birthdays. Not so much the getting older part, but all the other parts. LOVE.

It’s already the 7th of June, and that means I have behaved myself so well that it’s been a FULL WEEK that I haven’t mentioned that it’s my birthday month (well, at least to you guys. I’ve mentioned it to Mr. Mock at least six times).

Tonight, it will be my birthday eve eve eve eve eve eve eve eve eve eve eve eve eve eve eve eve eve eve. Just fyi. 🙂

And because I’m already feeling celebratory and extra jovial, here’s a picture of Mini-Mock when he was not quite two years old and I tried to make him dress up like a baby chick for Halloween.

Mini-Mock was not amused.

Speaking Of Halloween: Inappropriate.


You know what I immediately thought when I saw this picture?  That just the other day, I told Daisy I thought that I’d reached an age where mini-dresses may not be appropriate anymore.  I had put on a dress that I wore last winter, with black leggings and black boots.  Last winter, I felt all fabulous in it – and yet this winter, when I put it on for the first time, I looked in the mirror and Actually Thought, “You know?  I don’t know if I can pull this off at 40 the way I did at 39.”

But after seeing this?  Perhaps I’ve underestimated myself.



As it it weren’t enough that it’s next to impossible to find a non-slutty female halloween costume these days, now they have slutty costumes for DOGS. 

I don’t know about you guys, but this is kind of creepy.  I mean, who thinks, “Ooo – I should dress up my dog as a SLUTTY SCHOOL GIRL.”

You’ll be happy to know that I DID find a non-slutty halloween outfit for work this year.  I was The Cat In The Hat.  Mini-Mock was Lightning McQueen, and Junior Mock was Superman.  We were all very festive.  Mr. Mock didn’t dress up, because he never dresses up, because he’s very anti-dress up.  Actually, what I would love to see is Mr. Mock in a slutty school girl outfit.  That would be FABULOUS.

I realize this was all one day early, but today’s the day that work and schools were doing halloween stuff.  Tomorrow, we’re all just going to pretend it’s November 1st already.

I want to hear about mockdocker costumes.  GO!

Forgive Me, Mockdockers. For What I Am About To Say Is Sinful.


I actually giggled, in a non-contemptuous way, at Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt’s Halloween get-ups.  I mean, it’s totally un-original, because even I was waiting on a Kate Gosselin wig to use for work tomorrow but couldn’t find it in time.  But there is something about this photo that is positively hilarious.  I mean, the horrible t-shirt, and the doll babies – all of it.  It totally gives me the glees.

But no worries, I’ll go back to totally hating the holy hell out of them in about a half hour or so.  This too shall pass.

I Think I Have Found Mini-Mock’s Halloween Costume


The only thing I’m missing is the tighty whities.

Katie Holmes’ Halloween Costume

I’m going to assume that this is a Halloween outfit of some sort, because if it isn’t, I think it’s time for us to all be genuinely somewhat concerned over Katie Holmes’ health.  She looks like DEATH.  I mean, if that’s the look she’s GOING for, and is just throwing the bright orange purse in the mix as a Halloween topper, then job well done, Katie.  Your death look is extremely believable.

Beyonce’s Halloween Costume

At least, I THINK it’s her halloween costume.  Because a person wouldn’t wear this as an actual outfit, right?  I think she’s just putting a new spin on Olivia Newton-John’s get-up in Grease.  And I think this photo was captured during an impromptu Electric Slide moment.

Look how pissed off the chick behind her is! She looks personally offended by Beyonce’s outfit.  As if that outfit is somehow causing her personal pain.

What NOT to do for Halloween this year…

I could take the easy way out and make some joke about recycling or top hats…but we are all better than that, aren’t we?

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