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I hate hate hate hate Mariah Carey so much.  She and her husband dressed up like a slutty firefighter and a firefighter, respectively, for Halloween.  You know what she needs, besides like 42 pounds of oil control powder?  A punch in the face.

You know what else I hate?  I hate that halloween costume stores are FILLED with slutty versions of almost every profession, and only slightly stocked with regular versions of professions.  You can be a slutty nurse, or a slutty pilot, or apparently, a slutty firefighter, but if you want to just look like an ACTUAL nurse or pilot or firefighter, you’re basically SOL.  This is why I wore a nun costume this year.  Because it’s kinda hard to sluttify a nun, plus you can eat a lot and not worry about having to hold your stomach in.  So win-win.

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