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This guy not only gets to hang out with a fox, he gets to have one as an accessory.

I guess I just don’t think it’s that much to ask that the fox who comes traipsing through our yard all the time just COME IN AND SIT ON MY HEAD for a few minutes.  Is it?  I mean, I feel like that’s a pretty even trade:  Traipse all you want – but come in and cuddle now and again.


Interspecies Fun

Apparently, this deer has been sort of adopted by the dog’s family, and just comes to hang out whenever he wants to play ball. How adorable is this? And how much does it make you giggle when the deer uses his tiny stick legs like drumsticks to beat on that dog?

Have I told you guys that we have a fox who comes to visit? Well, not exactly VISIT, but he traipses through the yard a couple times a week. He’s the reddest, fuzziest, bushiest fox, and I am DYING to be friends with him. I’d love for him to just come up on the deck and hang out with me, but so far, he has remained aloof.

If anyone has any fox-befriending tips, I’m all ears.

More Waterbeasts


An alert and astute mockdocker sent me this picture today, and I’ll tell you right now, that person has not yet been forgiven.

Apologies for sharing.  Perhaps the building in this photo is where auditions for More To Love are being held?

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