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Floor Horse Has Found A New Venue!

Remember last year when I first introduced you to Floor Horse? And how after that came Wall Dog and Ceiling Cat and countless other animals-in-weird-places?  Well now, thanks to an alert and astute mockdocker, it has come to my attention that Floor Horse has been on the move, and was spotted in an entirely different floor.

A Mockdock Assignment

I’ve posted Floor Horse and Wall Dog and Fence Foxes and Ceiling Cat and Gutter Raccoon pictures in the past.  You know how much I love those.  And so when an alert and astute mockdocker sent me this photo, I decided that we all collectively need to have a new mission:  TO FIND CAMERA HORSE.

First person to submit a photo of Camera Horse will get a haiku.

May the floorce be with you.

ATTENTION TOWNSPEOPLE: Floor Horse Has Been Promoted.

Thanks to an alert and astute mockdocker, I have discovered that Floor Horse has been elevated to Window Horse status.  This totally gives me the glees.

Hey – are you guys aware that Christmas is THIS FREAKING WEEK?  That means that in just a few days, I am going to have to come up with a Christmas dinner to feed both sets of parents.  I cannot begin to tell you how much that always stresses me out.  It always ends up being fine, but the thinking about it, and the planning of it, and the actual making of it always brings on the panic.  This year’s dinner will feature a ham, which should theoretically be pretty easy, but this is ME we’re talking about, which means it’ll be totally complicated.

Can you guys tell me your best and easiest holiday recipes?  Help a sister out.  GO!

Floor Elephant!

I guess Floor Horse got lonely:


Floor Horse’s Cohort


Seriously – I cannot get enough of these.  BEHOLD:  Wall Dog.

He’s watching you.

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