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Just A Quick Reminder: Flavio Is Married To Her.

Flabio (see what I did there?) Briatore was captured frolicking around again with his new-ish Nicole Scherzinger-ish wife.  Granted, she doesn’t look all that thrilled to be with him in this particular photo, but I’m actually sparing you by NOT posting the picture of the two of them kissing.

I kind of have this weird urge to put a quarter into his belly button.  Is that weird?

Maybe He Has A Really Good Personality

This is Flavio Briatore, a bajillionaire and F1 team owner, who also happened to father a child with Heidi Klum and who once dated models Naomi Campbell and Adriana Volpe.  Now, he’s married to model Elisabetta Gregoraci, pictured with him here.

I’m sure I speak for pretty much everyone when I say, “What the hell?”  I mean, typically supermodels like the ones in his dating history do pretty well for themselves, so I don’t necessarily think his money is what’s attracting them.  There’s got to be a wide assortment of hotter looking bajillionaires than this dude.  Right?

So WHAT IS IT!? 10 points* to the person who suggests the best and/or funniest and/or most plausible explanation for how this guy is getting such hot women.

*Points are not redeemable for anything of value, except compliments and adulation and general flattery.  Knock yourselves out.

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