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Attention Townspeople: This Is What Authenticity Looks Like

Just kidding.  This is what fake boobs look like.


Too Much Of A Good Thing

BEHOLD: The story of Sheyla Hershey, the woman once known for having the biggest boobs ever. She looked like this:

I don’t know about you all, but I think those are ridiculous. It is possible to have too much of a good thing. And apparently, her body agreed with me, seeing as how her latest attempt to EMBIGGEN THEM EVEN FURTHER caused her to get seriously infected and ill.

Her first mistake was going so big. Second mistake was trying to go bigger. Third mistake? Trying to go bigger IN BRAZIL.

If you want to get bigger boobies, that’s all well and good. But please, do so in moderation.

Just your friendly tip o’ the day. 🙂

Tori Spelling Can Lift Up An Entire Child By Herself!

There can’t be any Actual Muscle left in her body, so you have to admit, that’s quite a feat.  That chick is nothing but skin and bone.

Oh wait.

Make that skin, bone and silicone.

Something Is Wrong Here.


An alert and astute mockdocker sent me this photo, and I think spoke for all of us when they said, “WTF is up with that boob?”

I’m not an expert on implants, but I feel relatively certain that they’re not supposed to have layers in them.


You Know Who Should Never Wear A Bikini Ever?

Donatella Versace.  And I would just like to suggest that women over, say, 55, should just remove their fake boobs.  It looks totally freaky to have perky young boobs and have every other part of your body be all sag-city.

Because it’s Christmas eve, I’m going to spare you the visual on the front page and put it after the jump. That way you can’t blame me for seeing it later.  It’ll be ALL YOUR FAULT.

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Speaking Of People Who Are Waaaay Too Skinny…

…I give you Chloe Lattanzi, whose mom is the completely gorgeous Olivia Newton-John.  I’m too lazy to look up who her dad is, but I’m guessing she got her looks from him.

You know what I don’t get?  I don’t get women who are rail thin who get fake boobs.  Women who are fit and of a normal weight?  Ok.  I get that.  But Chloe Lattanzi’s boobs are like, 17 feet away from each other and sitting on top of protruding bone.  Eeew.

Remember when I posted her singing?  You guys should listen to it, if you’re new here.  It’s joyously painful.  Click here for the terrible awesomeness!

New Fashion

So many alert and astute mockdockers lately – I can barely keep up with you all.  Thanks for continuing to send in stuff.  Even if not all of it gets posted, you have to know that I am reading every single email and being totally amused by all of them.  YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME.  Even the haters, who inexplicably come back even when they dramatically say they won’t, and continue to read my stuff.  Even you guys are awesome in your own special way.

Anyway.  Imagine my confusion at receiving this photo in my inbox today.  I mean, aside from the fact that clearly this girl uses a pitchfork to comb her hair, what in the holy hell is going on with her shirt?  And stop looking at her boobular area.  That’s not the point of this post.  You guys are perverts.  THEY’RE NOT REAL.

Seriously – what is the point of the open areas of this “shirt?”  I am anxious to hear your theories.  GO.

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