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You Know What I Hate?

Involuntary muscle twitches.  A few years ago, I developed an involuntary muscle twitch right near my shoulder blade, and it lasted for like 6 days.  It wasn’t constant, but it was frequent enough that I was totally distracted by it, and so I found myself doing all sorts of internet research to find out if there were any known cases of muscle twitches lasting FOREVER, because I was certain this was my fate. 

So since Tuesday now, I’ve had an involuntary EYE twitch in my right eye.  These are the WORST.  It comes and goes, but right now, I feel like I look like I’m perpetually winking.  I know it’s much smaller than a wink, and that no one else can really see it, but that’s how it feels.

After doing some more internet research I have discovered that these eye twitches have a name – blepharospasms, and that if they become severe enough, BOTOX is recommended.  Wouldn’t it be kind of awesome if I had a medical reason to have to get BOTOX?

My research also indicates that one of the primary reasons one might develop an eye twitch is because of prolonged computer use.  So you’re going to have to forgive me if I’m less posty this weekend.  I have a legitimate medical excuse, you see, due to my blepharospasms.

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