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Britney’s Kids Are Placed into K-Fed’s More Capable (?) Hands


It’s finally happened.  Britney’s kids have been taken away from her and given to the far more responsible and fit parent – Kevin Federline.  It’s a sad day for children when those two are your only options.  Rabid squirrels would take better care of Sean Preston and Jayden than those two jokers.

You might think that the above photo is of Britney reacting to the news that she no longer has any custody of her children.  But actually, it’s that she ran out of gas.  Again.  After driving without a license. Again.  Her favorite people in all the land, the paparazzi, filled up her tank for her.  Again.

Clintonian Cackle

Is anyone else’s blood turning cold at the sound of this hyena? SHE COULD BE PRESIDENT, people. This is no laughing matter.

The Richest Dog Ever


According to the New York Daily News,  Leona Helmsley cut two grandchildren out of her $4 billion dollar fortune, and left TWELVE MILLION DOLLARS to her stupid lapdog named Trouble.  This dog even made out better than her brother, who got a paltry $10 million.

How does one go about even spending twelve million dollars on a lapdog?  You could give it caviar every day and have it drink Dom Perignon instead of water, and drape it with diamonds and STILL not be able to spend that.

It really makes you stop and question where you are in life when a maltese is wealthier than you.

Mariah Carey is Ridiculous


Mariah Carey apparently has recently been quoted lamenting the hardships that come with having her job. 

“Look, to me, that I’m able to do what I love for a living is a gift from God. I could be doing something I hate every day. Yes, sometimes it’s tough because I’ve got to sleep 15 hours to sing the way I want to. It’s not easy because my vocal chords are different than most people’s. “

First of all, if the REASON your job is hard is because you are forced to sleep 15 hours, then your job is not hard.  In fact, any job which requires that much sleep is officially one of the best jobs ever.  Secondly, I would like a doctor to explain how her vocal chords are different. She might be able to sing better, but I’m pretty sure her vocal chords aren’t inherently different than the average Joe’s.

Thirdly, I hate Mariah Carey.



Have you ever seen a more vacuous, hollow, and empty-headed trio in your life?  Seriously.  I’ve seen tree stumps that look smarter.

I Officially HATE Glampers

So there’s a new luxury travel phenomenon called Glamping – glamorous camping.  And filthy rich people along with their spoiled rotten children are doing it.  They are sleeping in tents, but the tents include a camp butler to build their fires, maids to attend to their heated comforters, and personal chefs.  So, it’s camping for $710 a night.  Families are also shown how to fish (in prime fishing spots chosen in advance by the staff), and are exposed to wildlife (animals which have been found in advance by the staff – the families are then driven right to them).  The bathrooms, which are just a hop/skip from the tents, have heated slate floors and rain-forest showers with granite counters and fancy soap.

Click here for more details on a couple of families who glamped.  And be prepared to be as filled with disdain and disgust as I am.

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