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Eva Longoria is apparently getting a divorce from her husband, because he exchanges sexts with other women, and probably has affairs with them and stuff.

Never saw that one coming (snort).

She wants spousal support, according to documents that TMZ got their hands on.  Because she’s a desperate housewife.  <– See what I did there?

Anyway, to distract you from your inevitable grief over this tragic Hollywood split, feast your eyes on this:

DOESN’T THAT FREAK YOUR EYES OUT?  It totally freaks out my eyes.

This Happened.

And yet, somehow, we all survived.


The Most Pointless Video You Will Ever Watch

Eva Longoria and her husband Tony Parker remade Summer Nights, from the movie Grease, which starred the infinitely more talented Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta. I don’t know why they did it – I just know they did it. And it’s every bit as stupid as you might expect, and you’ll wish you hadn’t watched it after it’s done.

Enjoy. 🙂



It turns out, that without make-up, Eva Longoria is actually a 13 year old girl in need of a mustache wax.  Who knew?

Tony Cheating on Eva?


Rumors flooded the internet yesterday that Tony Parker had cheated on Eva Longoria, his wife of just a few months, with some French model ho-bag.  The ho-bag herself came forward to tell all about it.  And today, People is saying it’s not true, because Tony said, “I love my wife” and Eva said, “Tony’s been nothing short of a perfect husband”. 

I don’t know about you, but neither of those quotes say, “I didn’t sleep with that ho-bag” or “My husband didn’t cheat on me with that ho-bag”.

I’m thinking Eva is about to get some huge make-up diamonds from Tony.  Otherwise, couldn’t they sue the ho-bag for spreading around a bunch of lies?  Am I right?

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