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GET IT? She’s acting like Ellen because Ellen is taking her place on American Idol!! HA HA HA HA HA HA!! Paula is so clever! HA HA HA HA HA HA! GET IT???


There there, Paula.


You guys – Glee was SO GOOD.  I love that show so much.  And to top off a great show, I just read that Ellen Degeneres is officially going to be American Idol’s 4th judge.


This Is Why I Love Ellen

And those are the SYTYCD dancers! Which by the way, premieres again tomorrow, along with Glee, at the exact same time that Obama has his, like, 84 zillionth press conference.

What’s a girl to do?

Paris Hilton’s Biggest Fan

Paris Hilton’s biggest fan, without a doubt, is Paris Hilton.

Ellen Degeneres, who I think is adorably hilarious, went to Paris’ house and then out for a geriatric-style night on the town. LOOK at all of the photos that Paris has of herself all over her house. That’s just plain creepy. I mean, if I lived alone, I would likely have photos of myself WITH OTHER PEOPLE around the house, but photos of JUST myself? No. That’s just over the top ego right there.

It’s perfect that Paris has her own club and stripper pole in her house. And while she seems pretty natural on the stripper pole, I didn’t see a whole lot of evidence that she has any more rhythm than, say, Christie Brinkley in the Uptown Girl video.

If this would have been an episode of Cribs, where Paris was just showing off her house, I think I could have only stomached about 2 minutes of it. But Ellen made it possible to get through the entire thing. LOVE.

My New Favorite Upcoming Star

Charice Pempengco is the cutest, sweetest, most amazing singer. And since Dame and I have recently made your ears bleed with a horrible rendition of the national anthem and with Lori Singer, I thought I’d give you a treat. You may have already heard about this adorable teenager from the Phillippines, but if you haven’t, I expect you’ll start to hear plenty about her soon enough. She. Is. Amazing. AND I want to put her in my pocket. Her and her little pocket mom – both of them. SO CUTE.

Anyway, I’m not even so much a fan of this song, or any song which a singer is basically required by law to embellish and get all dramatic with, but because she is SO PRECIOUS and so talented, I love it.

Enjoy. And don’t say I never did anything nice for you. In fact, here’s another one. THAT is how much I love her.

Fun With Cornstarch

I am SO going to try this. I mean, not the walking part, because I couldn’t afford that much cornstarch – but the bowl thing? With a toddler? How fun would this be?

Sorry if this is like the oldest news ever but I just stumbled upon it and am completely awestruck by stuff like this.

Look At All The Adorable Gay Love!

You know, on most days I would consider myself pretty traditional and conservative with respect to social issues. But this is like the cutest display of gay love ever.

Ellen Out-Urbans Barack Obama

Barack Obama dances like he’s conducting the Philharmonic Orchestra. Only with less soul. I’ve decided that the presidency should be decided with a dance-off.

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