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Does any guy on the planet actually like these kinds of girls?

Saks Fifth Avenue – Prepare – For The Time Is Nigh.


You guys – remember the Saks Fifth Avenue incident from a few months back?  Well, Daisy and I, along with Daisy’s friend Leroy, are headed back to Saks tomorrow for some more good times.  I fully intend to take my camera and I fully intend to pose in front of the most expensive products carried by Saks Fifth Avenue, until such time as I either tire of it or am physically thrown out of the store.  Stupid Saks bitches.

I’m excited for tomorrow because it’s the first time I’ll meet Leroy in person, although we’ve been virtual friends for months now.  And the three of us will be seeing Britney Spears together in Chicago in April, and sharing a hotel room, so it’s probably a good idea to meet in advance of having our personal toiletries share bathroom space.

Did I ever tell you about jeans shopping at Saks?  Junior Mock’s best friend and caregiver is HUGE into designer jeans.  She insists that there is a validity to their expense and is essentially a designer jeans junkie.  I have long been intrigued, but couldn’t FATHOM spending more than, say, $50 on a pair of jeans.  So here is what I did.  I went to Saks’  jeans department, picked out about 20 pairs of various Seven For All Mankind and Hudson and True Religion and Citizens Of Humanity and all the other gay-named designer jeans I could grab, and spent like 2 hours trying on jeans.  And there was a lovely Saks employee who assisted me with getting different sizes and styles.  She was a typical sweet, empty-headed, long-legged Lindsey Lohan wannabe, and she was gracious and helpful.  She was, however, painfully unaware of what I was doing in that dressing room besides trying on jeans.

You know what I was doing?  I was making piles of the jeans I liked best, writing down every piece of information about them that I could find on the tags, and storing it in my purse so that I could later look them up on ebay and buy them for way less than what Saks was asking for.

I ended up finding a great pair of  Hudsons, retailing at Saks for about $185, wrote down the style and size information, found them on ebay, new and with tags, and promptly bought them for $40 INCLUDING SHIPPING.

Seriously.  $185 for JEANS?  No. Freaking. Way.

I do feel bad for the nice Saks girl, but nice Saks girls are few and far between.  Most of them are Saks Fifth Bitches.  They are snooty and believe they are better than me.  And so they can suck it. 


Disposable Income


You guys, Scarlett Johansson was on Leno last night, and she apparently has cooties, and she says that Samuel L Jackson gave them to her, so she blew her nose into a tissue, and now the tissue is on ebay, and the current high bid is over TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS.

How rich or insane or both do you have to be to spend two grand on a used kleenex?  Seriously – what kind of person WANTS such an item?  I love Robbie Williams, but I wouldn’t even want a kleenex he had blown his nose in FOR FREE.

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