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This is how someone like, say, ME, would go about installing a ceiling fan.

I think handiness is overrated.  And that duct tape is underrated, personally.   So yeah, my ceiling fan installation might not be the most visually appealing, but it would be functional, and a good conversation piece.

Let me know if you need a ceiling fan installed.

You Know What Would Be Awesome?


Watching this moron take off his fancy tape-shorts.

Best Use Of Duct Tape EVER


An alert and astute mockdocker sent this picture to me, and I have decided that this should be part of the required uniform for any contract worker, plumber or electrician who ever bends over in anyone’s house ever.



Is that made of leather or duct tape?  Because I’m not entirely sure. 

Any guesses on what that tattoo is?  Or is that just where they stamped her to get into the club?

Fun With Duct Tape


I think it’s nice that a place for beer was factored in to the design of the costume.

More Fun With Duct Tape

Any guesses about what this dude’s favorite websites are?

Holy Crap

You guys – is that DUCT TAPE?  Is her ensemble made of duct tape?  Because OW.  Just imagine the pain that peeling duct tape off of those oh, so sensitve areas would cause.  IMAGINE IT.

I love how she caps this whole outfit off with striped pink tube socks and a name tag.  This is the kind of creativity our fashion industry is currently lacking.  We have backwards shoes and pants around the knees fashions, but nothing THIS creative.  PAY ATTENTION, Marc Jacobs and Dolce and Gabbana and Prada people!!

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