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If your guess is that it’s Uma Thurman’s mom, you’re way off base (although that’s what I would have guessed).


She’s too thin, obviously, considering that you can COUNT her ribs.  But she also looks like she’s about 60 years old.  I can’t tell if it’s BECAUSE she’s so thin or if she’s just gotten waaaaaay too much sun, but in any case, she shouldn’t be smiling.  She should be eating.


Happy New Year From Me And Debbie Gibson


Happy New Year, mockdockers!  Hopefully, you have retained some coolness and are out doing something awesome right now, and not reading the Mock Dock.  But if you ARE reading the Mock Dock, welcome to not being cool.  You’re in good company.  Mr. Mock and I are hanging out at home with Junior Mock and Mini-Mock, and frankly, I’ll probably go to bed as soon as I finish this post, and it’s only 10.15pm.

What does that have to do with Debbie Gibson, you ask?  Well, I’ll tell you.  Seeing this current picture of Debbie Gibson made me recall that as a youth, I was so uncool that I actually had an opinion on whether or not Debbie Gibson was cooler than Tiffany.

The answer to that timeless question, of course, is that Debbie Gibson was infinitely cooler.  Tiffany sang in MALLS, for God’s sake.  Debbie Gibson probably didn’t even SHOP in malls.

Anyway, happy new year everyone!  Here’s to another year of mocking!

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