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Wait. What?

People magazine is reporting that the endlessly distinguished and classy Danny Bonaduce has finalized his divorce and he will be required to pay 6,000 in support monthly for his 13-year-old daughter and 7-year-old son and $10,000 a month in support to Gretchen, his ex-wife.  

Do you guys realize what this means!?!?

Danny Bonaduce is PAID MONEY by someone.  Someone out there EMPLOYS Danny Bonaduce, enough so that he can afford sixteen thousand dollars a month in alimony/child support.

You know what?  I think I’m going to write a letter to Obama to see if there is anything he can do about Danny Bonaduce making this kind of money, AND to see if he can issue some kind of executive order that would prevent Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt from living in the US.  Foreign policy and the economy can wait.  These are the issues of our time.  And if he can do something about this, I will totally take back everything negative I ever said about him.

Wow, Spiderman…You’re So…..Bumpy!

These are those idiots from that gay “reality” show The Hills – Heidi Montag and Spencer someone-or-other.  Look at him.  There is so much wrong here I don’t even know where to begin.  First off – I’m pretty sure Spidey wears a full face mask….and not a hairnet.  And secondly, I’m unaware of Spiderman sporting high top tennis shoes.  And thirdly……just….Really?

And then of course there’s the…how do I say this delicately….protrusion, if you will.  Other than the fact that it’s just OUT there, flailing around for the world to see, I guess the positive way to look at it is that it seems to be slightly more impressive than Danny Bonaduce’s (NSFW). 

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