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And Today’s Award For Most Amazingly Well Groomed Mullet Goes To…

…this chick.  Because you know she combs that thing like every 1/2 hour.   I know she goes against the traditional “business in the front, party in the back” mullet description, but this is spectacular nonetheless.

This is a Crystal Gayle Mullet, henceforth to be known as a Crystal Gullet.

One Of The Things We Saw At King’s Island


LOOK at this dude’s pants.  Look carefully.  That’s just not just a really long-waisted dude.  That’s a dude wearing a black shirt, and black underwear, which I SHOULD NOT BE ABLE TO FREAKING SEE, yet I did, and do.  Note the bunching up of the jeans around his ankles. 

This is the DUMBEST WAY to wear pants, EVER.

Sorry it’s been such a slow posty weekend, you guys.  Just got back to town a bit ago, and I’m heading out for dinner with some friends this evening.  Tomorrow will be better, I promise. 🙂

But I promised you a woolly mammoth, too, didn’t I?  This was a creature we saw on our way off of the only ride we rode at King’s Island (because Daisy is all pregnant and because we were busy taking photos with Oliver North and handing out business cards for our sister site most of the day.)  We were exiting the ride, and I caught sight of the woolly mammoth, and made Daisy pose for a picture so that it wouldn’t look like I was actually taking a picture OF the woolly mammoth, but merely of Daisy, knowing full well that I’d just crop it for you guys later.

Actually, now that I look at it again, it’s less a woolly mammoth than it is a woolly minimoth.

Actually, it’s really just woolly.

2009-08-22_141827  2009-08-22_141835

Don’t it just make your brown eyes blue?

You Know What I Hate?


I hate hair that goes past, say, the middle of a person’s lower back.  That Crystal Gayle, long, mousy stringy brown hair.  This doesn’t look good on anyone.  And seriously – how much of a pain must it be to try and take care of it? 

Come to think of it, perhaps the reason it always looks so mousy and stringy and gross on people is because of how much of a pain it is to take care of.

You know what I hate most about this kind of hair? The way that women who have it tend to act as though others are actually envious of their hair, versus the reality, which is that everyone is grossed out by it.


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