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Today Is A Good Day


Mr. Mock and I were kidless last night and this morning, thanks to my awesome parents, and so we slept in and lazily got up and decided that there would be nothing better for breakfast than Long’s Donuts.  And for those of you who don’t live in Indy, there is really no way to fully express to you what you’re missing by not having ready access to a Long’s.

Long’s Donuts – the plain glazed kind – are like crack.  They are the most delicious donuts you can ever hope to eat ever.  There is a line for these donuts every single morning, because people who live here understand that they are like crack and are perfectly willing to waste gobs of time waiting for them.  That’s all part of the crack factor.  Donuts are already the world’s most perfect food, but when they’re LONG’s donuts?  Well, it’s like ecstasy wrapped in rapture covered with bliss and topped off with euphoric joy.  

So we’ve been enjoying our donuts, and then I came across the rottentomatoes.com review of Ashley Judd’s movie Crossing Over.  And it has received a 12% rating on the tomatometer, which, if you guys aren’t frequenters of rottentomatoes.com, means essentially that it’s one of the worst movies ever.

And it’s only 10am, you guys.  How great of a start to a day can one possibly have?




Hey – remember like 16 years ago when I posted about Ashley Judd co-starring in a movie called Crossing Over?  Well, I guess that movie is just now finally coming out, and I just read a review about it.  And you know what I love?  I love this line from the review:

The legal side of the equation is represented by Ashley Judd, playing a pro bono immigration defense lawyer who is smug and self-satisfied even without the gold-plated Africa-shaped necklace she wears for the entire film.”

You realize, of course, that this means that Ashley Judd has lost any ability she may have once had to actually ACT, because this is precisely how I would describe her in real life.  Smug and self-satisfied.


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