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Ya Gotta Love A Good Cow Suit Story

Alert and astute friend of the MockDock, Paul, linked us to an article about the woman pictured above.  She is being accused of disorderly conduct in public.  And not even because she’s in a cowsuit (which I happen to ADORE), but because she chased children around in it and peed on a neighbor’s front porch.

All of that is hilarious by itself, but the best part is that the last line of the article says, in all seriousness:

The (police) report did not speculate as to why Allen was wearing the cow suit.”

That makes me giggle SO MUCH.  As if there could be hundreds of logical reasons why someone might be running around in a cowsuit.  Seriously. There is pretty much just the one reason – which is because it’s totally awesome fun to wear a cowsuit.

Big shout out to Paul for this.  Best. Newsstory. EVER!

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