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Jennifer Lopez And Marc Anthony Went To The Superbowl

I’m still in mourning over the Colts’ loss.  But it was pretty much predestined that the Saints would win the moment Obama said that the Colts would.


Marc Anthony cannot weigh more than 100 pounds soaking wet.  And frankly, he looks kinda upset about it.

GUESS Who I’m Practically Neighbors With?


That’s Kendra Wilkinson’s new house. And it’s like within a 15 mile radius of me. Naturally, I have no idea WHERE precisely, but Leroy is totally scouting out neighborhoods to find it, and then we are going to show up on her doorstep and befriend her so that we can just tell her to laugh a LOT, and then we’ll point and giggle at her because her laugh is so goofy.  And then we’ll convince her that she needs to buy her new friends several pairs of shoes and a couple of new handbags.  And then we’ll ask her for really good tickets to all the games.  And then we’ll ask her if she truly actually honestly slept with Hugh Hefner.  Because eew.

Kendra’s husband is apparently with the Indianapolis Colts now, and so they moved here, and I’m sure that she’s like, “WTF is this weather?”  Because, you know, it’s not quite as temperate as the Playboy Mansion digs.

The Secret To The Colts’ Success

Turns out – it’s all about the Gaelic.

And the bacon.

You Know What I Hate?


I HATE when football players are allowed to have this kind of hair.  Mr. Mock and I have settled in this evening to watch the Colts game, and Bob Sanders’ hair flashed on the screen, and I said to Mr. Mock, “You know what?  I hate that hair and I need to mock it.”

And he said, “You know whose hair is even worse?  Troy Polamalu from the Steelers.”

And it IS.  That hair is out of control.  And you know what I think?  I think if you have that hair in football, then your hair should be fair game for pulling.  I think an opposing player should be able to grab onto that hair with both hands and yank you right to the ground.  And if some of your hair comes out in that player’s hands in the process, then you TOTALLY DESERVE IT for having that hair in football. Long hair doesn’t belong in football.  Long hair belongs on girls or rockstars.


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