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You Know What’s Unfortunate?

That Ice T’s wife, Coco is so demure and shy and modest and insecure and reserved.

It’s just sad, really.


No better way to start off an evening of mockery than with the latest photo of Ice T’s wife, Coco.


You know what?  I don’t even think she’s in mid-sit or mid-stand here.  In fact, I don’t think this is an action shot whatsoever. I think this is her preferred standing pose.  As in, this is how she stands.

P.S. Don't forget! County/State Fair photo contest going on RIGHT NOW! See here for details: FAIR CONTEST!

Kanye West = The New Ice T


Doesn’t this picture look like basically every single picture you’ve ever seen of Ice T and Coco ever?

Kanye is “performing” on American Idol right now, and it has totally confirmed my hatred for him.  WHAT is all the hype about?  I mean, I realize he creates most of his own hype, but let’s face it – he’s rich and rewarded for his “music.”

Do. Not. Get.

It Just Wouldn’t Be Right…

…to end the year without a really good mockworthy photo.  So I give you this, a photo which, quite honestly, I’m surprised doesn’t show Coco’s individual pubic hairs in it, seeing as how it shows pretty much everything else.  Cheers!


Ice T and Coco Apparently Like Billy Squier Songs

If nothing about your day today completely grossed you out, then you’ve come to the right place.  I’m about to remedy that.  Ice T and his wife Coco were interviewed recently about their sex life.  Of note are the following quotes:

Coco: “It’s the Stroke baby. We have a certain Stroke he does and he surprises every now and then with a different Stroke.”

Ice T: “Sex is 90 pecent mental. It happens in the brain, so she thinks my Stroke is special – but it’s the way I’ve got her head believing it’s something special. And that’s what adds to the Stroke. You can come in and hit it on a swing, but it ain’t gonna be the Stroke!”

There.  Now I’m not the only one who has to have that visual.

An Open Letter To Coco


Dear Coco:

Please stop borrowing my clothes without asking first.



Sorry You Guys

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I know.  I didn’t think it could get any worse either.  But Coco is all about trying to prove us wrong.

Ice T’s Demure and Chaste Wife


So I was all prepared to snark on Coco for her lack of fashion sense or any other sense for that matter, when it really struck me how PAINFUL these boobs look.  I mean, these are rock-hard, gargantuous mountains that are protruding out of her, pulling her skin so taut that if she lifted her arms over her head it might actually rip. 

So now, instead of making fun of her Precious Moments pants and her ridiculous puffy purse, I woud like to just send Coco a salute for sacrificing her own skin for the sake of Ice T’s millions.

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