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Clive Owen Looks Annoyed

At first, I thought Clive looked annoyed because some paparazzo was snapping his photo, but then I read that THIS IS HIS WIFE.

I’ll just leave it at that.

Sorry Dame…

…but this new Heigl flick looks fabulous, and I totally want to see it, mostly because Gerard Butler is totally dreamy.

However, he’s not dreamy enough for me to be convinced to see 300, even though it’s one of Mr. Mock’s favorites. It looks too bloody and violent and killy to me. I think Gerard, along with Clive Owen, have been officially placed into the category of men which Mr. Mock would be ok with admitting he wouldn’t mind being. Steve McQueen tops that list. I think in general, it’s easier for guys to say that they wouldn’t mind BEING other guys than it is to just say that other guys are hot.

But I’m pretty sure it’s the same thing.

Tara Reid Has a Horrible New Haircut


Other sites are reporting that this photo of Tara Reid suggests that she might be intoxicated.  But I’m betting it has less to do with alcohol than it does the fact that she weights about 68 pounds.  I don’t think her legs are capable of supporting her anymore.  Thank goodness that this guy, who looks like the byproduct of Clive Owen and Michael Stipe, was there to stop Tara from wiping out completely.

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