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You Know What I Think Is Completely Moronic?

The whole running with the bulls thing that they do in Spain every year.  Mr. Mock used to tell me that it’s one of those things he’d kind of like to do once in his lifetime,  and my response was always the same; specifically, that it’s grounds for divorce.  Running with the bulls is the stupidest thing EVER.

Apparently, they have a similar activity in Columbia, only instead of having bulls run around the streets of Pamplona, they just shove a bunch of bulls into make-shift pens, have the crowd taunt them by yelling and throwing things at them, and see what happens. The latest news reports to come out about this are celebratory, because no one died this year.  They usually expect around 20 deaths, and this year there were only 25 serious injuries.

Frankly, I think anyone who taunts a bull mercilessly, and then is subsequently gored by it, deserves what they get.  It’s completely stupid.

BUT, guess what! To totally offset my irritation at Columbia for having this kind of an event, I just read about a carnival in Greece where all the local villagers put on goggles and celebrate the coming of Easter by throwing THREE THOUSAND POUNDS of flour at one another. It’s like an all day flour-fight, and you know how they kick it off?  They ring cowbells.  And they’ve been doing this for TWO HUNDRED years.  I totally love this idea and kind of want to implement it in some form at my company.  This sounds like a BLAST, plus it doesn’t result in death or goring or taunting of animals, which is a plus.

If you live somewhere funky and have really super awesomely fun events like this, I want to hear about them.

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