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Combo Kate Gosselin And Chris Crocker Parody – Two For The Price Of One!


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Chris Crocker And Holmes Sittin’ In A Tree

You guys, as I was collecting some archived instant messages exchanged between me and my fellow mockers earlier today, I came across an exchange between me and Holmes, shortly after I (along with the entire rest of the blogging community) posted the first “Leave Me Alone” Chris Crocker video. And the exchange was as follows:

Mockarena: Go. At once. To mockdock. And watch the crazy fan. Holy mother of crap!
Holmes: I think I just met my future bride…. I love the snot-wrangling that is done after each outburst… I love the sheet pulled over her head as if she is hoping Haley Joel Osment will come and find safety with her
Mockarena: Dude. I think he’s a guy.
Holmes: what
Mockarena: yeah – I think it’s a guy
Holmes: that is a dude… then it is Haley Joel Osment. I must now go and kill myself
Mockarena: You just had a near-gay experience!!
Holmes: it has been nice knowing you… but I have found the need to not live any longer…. holy mother of crap
Mockarena: I just copied and pasted this entire exchange to Dame – I am crying with laughter right now
Holmes: me tooo

Anyway, can you even imagine if the video above was the first time Holmes saw Chris Crocker? He would have fallen in love. Because, and I say this with no shame whatsoever, Chris Crocker is a beautiful girl, particularly in this video. You know I’m right. Admit it.

So Chris Crocker is leaving YouTube to start his own website, and naturally he’s all huffy and hairflippy about it. Enjoy.

Hey – Wanna See Someone Unraveling Before Your Very Eyes?

Behold: An example of a has-been who thinks he’s an is-now but who is really totally-over.

What kind of drugs produce this kind of outcome? I’m just curious.

Key To Successful Heterosexual Relationships: Fruit Basket For Gays

I shouldn’t promote Chris Crocker any more than he already promotes himself, but he’s so utterly freaky I can’t help myself. Watch, straight boys. Watch and learn. 🙂

The Moment You’ve All Been Waiting For

Personal dance instruction in the Paw-Paw dance by some ridiculous dude and Chris Crocker. Which I know sounds redundant but it really is two separate people. Enjoy.

Happy Friday!


It’s like Christmas morning! Chris Crocker was out last night looking like Big Bird’s slutty transgender nephew. Yes, it’s “Leave Britney Alone” Chris Crocker, and apparently people aren’t done taking his picture, so officially his 15 minutes of fame aren’t technically over.

My, how I’ve missed him…



Can you hear that? 14:30, 14:31, 14:32….It’s the 15 Minutes of Fame Clock, and its about to count down to zero for our old friend Chris Crocker (see here, and here). He is pulling out all the stops, isn’t he? And by pulling out the stops I mean wearing the most ridulous clothes and blue eye shadow in public. The only thing that makes me sad is that zipper. That poor, poor zipper, who assumed that those pants would be worn by a 13 year old girl.

Chris Crocker Offers More Advice


World-renowned psychological expert Chris Crocker, of “LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE” fame, has retracted his/her statement about leaving Britney alone and now wants everyone to pay attention to her so that she doesn’t do “major damage” to herself.

I too wish I had someone this highly qualified and sensible looking after my best interests.

Kids. They Do The Damndest Things.

Watch the entire thing. The payoff is at the end. I’m pretty sure this is how Chris Crocker got his start. Aim high, little boy, aim high.

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