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I Can’t Mock This

Normally, I would be ALL ABOUT mocking Carnie Wilson, what with her doing stupid crap like having gastric bypass surgery ON LINE and whatnot.  But this is one of the most flattering plus-size dresses I have ever seen.  In fact, it’s one of the most flattering ANY size dresses I have ever seen.  I want one.

You know, because I have so many occasions I could wear a dress like this to.

Gary Coleman Flips Out, And Random People With Inflated Views Of Their Own Importance Analyze It.

The freak-out is mildly entertaining, but what KILLS me about this is that they bring in some behavioral psychologist and have people like Carnie Wilson analyzing the whole thing. It’s as if they think they’re being Actual Journalists.


Someone Please Explain


This is Carnie Wilson.  Yes – the same Carnie Wilson who had gastric bypass surgery LIVE ON THE INTERNET a few years ago.  You can see that it did her a world of good.  She’s pictured here with her personal trainer, participating in some sort of new style of exercise that does not require any physical exertion whatsoever.

Question.  I thought once you had that surgery, that your stomach was reduced to the size of like, a silver dollar or something, and that you became physically unable to eat more than like an ounce of food per meal.  So how is it even possible for her to look like this now?  Can someone with any knowledge or experience in the gastric bypass process please answer this for me?

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