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This Is Who Won Britain’s Got Talent

Beating out Susan Boyle – dance troupe Diversity won the show this weekend. And you guys, they are FLAT AWESOME. I have absolutely no idea how a mini-superman appears and then disappears in the middle of this performance, but it doesn’t even matter because the whole thing is just amazing.


Does. Not. Compute.

“Like a dog meowing.”

Yup – I’d say that’s about right.

I Know This Is A Year And A Half Old…

…but alert mockdocker Bob sent it to me and it made me bawl and I don’t care if you’ve already seen it. You should watch it again if only to watch Simon Cowell visibly go from being a total prick to a complete softie within a matter of 60 seconds. I love him. And I love the chick judge who cries at basically every performance that anyone ever does on that show ever. And I love that the other judge’s name is Piers. That’d be a good butler name. I wonder if he has plaid pants?

Anyway, this little girl is precious and angelic and she makes me want to keep Mini-mock little forever.

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