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Brett Favre Has Sliiiiiiightly Redeemed Himself With Me

Great outtakes, followed by the end result commercial. I totally love this. And he’s being a good sport about what a dillweed he’s been over the last couple of years, so I’ll give him snaps for that.

Aaaaand I Continue To Hate Brett Favre


Bunny just sent me this link, which confirms that Brett Favre has unretired himself for like the skatey eight kabillionth time, so that he can play for the Vikings. 

I hate him.  I hate him and his retiring tease game.  FREAKING STAY RETIRED, you jerk.  Just sell your wranglers and stay out of football already.  GAWD.

You Know Who I Hate?


Stupid Brett Favre.  There is renewed talk of his coming out of retirement AGAIN to play for the Minnesota Vikings.  Because apparently Brett Favre failed the part of school where you learn what the word “RETIRE” means.

Seriously.  Enough is enough already.  Brett just needs to keep pimping out Wrangler jeans and leave football behind him.


SHOCK: Brett Favre Is Retiring For The Kabillionth Time


Thanks to an alert and astute mockdocker, I have learned that Brett Favre is retiring AGAIN. 

Just in case you forgot, I hate people who are habitual retirers.

Brett Favre – you suck.  I hope you don’t get a single retirement party.

You Know Who’s Being A Total Idiot? – Updated Again!

originally posted 8/3/08, and originally updated 8/7/08, and now updated again today, 12/30/08.

Brett Favre.  Now, I don’t claim to be an expert on what’s going on with his coming out of retirement, except for what Mr. Mock has tried to explain to me, but here’s what I have gathered so far.

Brett Favre retired, with all kinds of tearful, emotional announcements and tons of fanfare, approximately four months ago.  And now, Brett Favre is all, “Waaah!  I don’t wanna be retired!” and now he’s throwing a tantrum about wanting to be back with Green Bay.  And apparently the latest is that they have just reinstated him, but possibly only to be back up to the new quarterback (who by the way ought to be PISSED OFF at all of this nonsense) but as backup he will still earn 12 million dollars, and now there is talk that he’s going to be pissy if he’s just backup and might try to get traded, and all of it just sounds like he’s being a big fat crybaby.

I have never been a fan, (although I did totally get weepy at his tearful announcement) but now, I’m as far away from being a fan as you can be.  I’m like the polar opposite of fan.  I’m the anti-fan.  Brett Favre, you’re being a jerk, and you should learn to pronounce your last name the way it’s spelled.

UPDATE – 8.7.08:  Brett is going to the New York Jets, because the Packers are sick of him.  I hope the Jets enjoy his going in and out of retirement like 78 more times.

UPDATE – 12.30.08: Yeah.  The retirement talk is starting all over again.  And before you try to tell me that if he DOES retire, it’ll be because his shoulder has an owie, let me just point out to you that he is ALMOST 40.  Of COURSE he’s going to have owies.  And it’s not like he retired this past spring UNAWARE of how old he is.  Prior to this past Monday, Bwett (and no, that’s not a typo) told reporters that an MRI would probably determine his future plans, and that if he needed surgery, he’d retire.  Well, the MRI came back, and he doesn’t need surgery.  He’s probably totally freaking out now, what with not having a good excuse for retiring AGAIN and all.

Next up?  Lance Armstrong, who will probably re-retire since he’s about to become a dad again.  Convenient.

Everyone needs to just freaking STAY RETIRED when they retire.


You Know What I Hate?

I hate it when people make a big giant production out of the fact that they’re retiring, and therefore all sorts of accolades and extra press gets put out about them and all of the various contributions they’ve made to whatever activity they happened to be involved in, and then they turn around and decide that they don’t want to be retired after all, and then the press goes all crazy about how they’re coming out of retirement.  I hate this.  I hate it when singers do it, and I hated it when Michael Jordan did it, and when Brett Favre did it, and I am going on the record now as saying that I hate that Lance Armstrong is doing it.

You know what?  MAKE A DECISION AND STICK WITH IT.  I couldn’t care less if Lance can or does win another Tour de France.  HE IS SUPPOSED TO BE RETIRED.  We already know he can win it a whole bunch of times.  Just be retired already.


Brett Favre Has Feelings

This is Brett Favre addressing his retirement and it literally has me sobbing at my computer.  And I am not even a huge football fan.  There is nothing that will make me melt more than a totally macho guy crying.  And I don’t think I’m alone on this.  I think in general, women are attracted to super manly men who aren’t afraid to cry.  Support me on this, female mockdockers.  There is nothing attractive about hunky emotionless guys.  Am I right?

Anyway, after seeing this I’ve decided to get over my irritation of the pronunciation of his name.  It’s the least I can do.

Brett Favre Has Had Enough Already

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Reports floating around the web this morning claim that Brett Favre is set to retire after 17 years of playing football for Green Bay.

This is probably pretty bad news for a lot of football fans.  Because it seems like Brett Favre is one of those guys that lots of men put high up on their lists of guys they’d like to trade lives with.  And apparently lots of women put him high up on their lists of guys they’d like their husbands to turn into.  I, for one, do not fall into this category.  I don’t find him particularly attractive, and I am highly annoyed by the pronunciation of his last name, which doesn’t jive whatsoever with the actual spelling of it.

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