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Brandon Davis Is Hungry


To be fair, there are apparently more recent pictures floating around which would lead one to believe that Greasy McGreaserson has lost a bit of weight.  But why post those when this is so much more mockable?  He’s trying to LICK HIS OWN TIT, for crying out loud.

Greasy Oily Men No Longer Welcome at the Four Seasons

Nasty greasy Brandon Davis has been forbidden to re-enter the Four Seasons Hotel after he was caught smoking pot in the lobby, according to Page Six.  Although I think the pot was just an excuse – they were probably just sick of the oil slicks left in his room and thought pot sounded like a nicer reason to get rid of him.

Most Hideous Brothers of All Time


Jason and Brandon Davis are sickening.  Just look at the oil.  The ooze.  The greasiness.  Just looking at them makes me want to jump into a tub of Purell disinfectant.

I still can’t stand Brandon Davis


Could this guy be any more of a tool? No. The mystery is over. He couldn’t be. Just to let our three viewers know, I will continue to post every stupid looking picture I have of this clown. And that’s a promise you can take to the bank.

All in the Family


Jason Davis,  Brandon McOily’s brother, is shown in this WireImage photo preparing to ingest Nicole Richie. Which, lucky for him, means he gets to eat two people for the price of one.  (She’s expecting a baby, you see). 

In related news, Jason, like his brother, is a hideous troll.

Brandon Davis is revolting


Brandon Davis, widely known for saying that Lindsay Lohan is a firecrotch (and I am pretty sure that’s about all he’s known for, actually), is featured in this photo with an obvious crotchular issue of his own. Happily, he appears to be tending to it with gusto.

He positively repulses me.  The ooze from his pores, his hair and his very essence could easily solve our dependency on foreign oil.  We just need to figure out an economical way to “tap” him.


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