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This Is How Rumors Get Started

BEHOLD: The IM exchange I just had with Bunny.

Bunny: bobby farrell has died
Mock: who’s that
Bunny: isn’t he the don’t worry be happy guy?
Mock: no
Bunny: oh
Mock: that’s bobby mcferrin
Bunny: then never mind
Bunny: whatever
Mock: this is how rumors get started
Bunny: back to news of earthquakes

If you don’t live in Indiana, then you may not have heard that we had an earthquake this morning. It was a total NON-EVENT, because it was so quick and mild that I wasn’t even entirely sure it WAS an earthquake, until I got on Facebook and basically EVERYONE I KNOW announced that an earthquake had just happened.
That’s how you know you live in a fairly boring state.

But Bobby McFerrin is alive and well, so don’t worry.

(Be happy.)

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