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An alert and astute mockdocker sent me two new “products” which she thought might be of interest.  The first, pictured above, is the C-string.  It probably doesn’t need a whole lot of explanation.  I’m not above admitting to you that I can see the appeal and functionality of this particular product.  BUT, I won’t product test it publicly, because I cannot begin to imagine how utterly embarassing it would be to actually TELL you all how it worked for me personally.  I’ll tell you right now though, that if it came with a guarantee that my body would look like hers, I would pay TOP DOLLAR for this.  I’ll keep my own face though.

Second product?  Even skankier than the first.  BEHOLD:  the bikini pant.


This is just stupid.  But if any of you mockdockers are interested in product testing it, be my guest.  Just make sure you send us the pictures.

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