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Let Me Ask You This

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What sort of marketing genius are you if you can charge $3600 for a pair of shoes that look like these, and actually get celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and Uma Thurman and even my beloved-but-let’s-face-it-ridiculous Victoria Beckham to buy them? 

A spokesperson for Antonio Berardi, the “designer” who created these monstrosities, said the following:

“When walking, you have to put your toe rather than your heel down first and you cannot wear them for very long.  They are not dangerous because you would have to lean quite far back before you fell over.”

This is what he said about a PAIR OF SHOES.  And people are still buying them.

I have decided that I would like to create a new backwards bra.  One whose cups end up sitting on your shoulder blades, and then the hook closure is in the front, with just the flimsy straps covering your nipular area.  And then I would like Antonio Berardi to do the marketing for this.  Because clearly the dude knows how to make money selling completely impractical, uncomfortable, horrific looking products for women.

If anyone had doubts about whether or not celebrities are idiots, look no further than the jokers who bought these stupid shoes.

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