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Tori Spelling Can Lift Up An Entire Child By Herself!

There can’t be any Actual Muscle left in her body, so you have to admit, that’s quite a feat.  That chick is nothing but skin and bone.

Oh wait.

Make that skin, bone and silicone.

Speaking Of People Who Are Waaaay Too Skinny…

…I give you Chloe Lattanzi, whose mom is the completely gorgeous Olivia Newton-John.  I’m too lazy to look up who her dad is, but I’m guessing she got her looks from him.

You know what I don’t get?  I don’t get women who are rail thin who get fake boobs.  Women who are fit and of a normal weight?  Ok.  I get that.  But Chloe Lattanzi’s boobs are like, 17 feet away from each other and sitting on top of protruding bone.  Eeew.

Remember when I posted her singing?  You guys should listen to it, if you’re new here.  It’s joyously painful.  Click here for the terrible awesomeness!


If you don’t recognize Katrina Bowden, it’s either because you don’t watch 30 Rock or because you watch 30 Rock but tend not to recognize the anorexic versions of people.  If Katrina Bowden ate a piece of rice, I think you’d probably be able to see the outline of it.  GAWD.

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