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Come Forward


Those of you who actually find Adrian Grenier attractive, show yourselves.  Because I do not get it.  He looks like a terrorist werewolf.  I still don’t understand how he’s the lead character in Entourage, and that he’s supposed to be some sort of “heartthrob.”

You know what word I hate?  Heartthrob.  The double t’s look weird, and a throbbing heart is just a weird image to have in your head anyway.

You know what word I love?  Spackle.  There is no word more fun to say than spackle.

Adrian Grenier is Yelling At You


So it appears that the main dude from Entourage, Adrian Grenier, is in a band, and said band played in Miami for New Year’s.  I’m aware that there are lots of women who find him hot.  I find him to look like a terrorist.  I also find him in dire need of a razor.  To each his own, I suppose.

Speaking of Protrusions…

Breaking News:  Adrian Grenier’s penis has reportedly been wreaking havoc on the streets of Los Angeles, breaking this innocent bystander’s nose and allegedly robbing Richard Simmons of several pairs of vibrant exercise tights.


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