Um, Is Jessica Simpson Drunk? Or Is This How She Naturally Is?

2016-02-14 13 14 21

First of all, I know, it’s been like a bajillion years since I’ve posted here. I’m sorry, you guys. I don’t know if I could be any busier lately, and The Mock Dock has had to take a backseat to other life priorities.

Not the least of which, by the way, is that my husband and I (and Daisy too!) are currently doing the Whole30 diet, and trying very hard not to #killallthethings. We’re 14 days in, and it’s getting a little easier, but HOT DAMN do I ever want a slice of cheese.

ANYWAY, I saw this recent interview with Jessica Simpson, and found her to be excruciatingly weird in it. Like – is she drunk, do you think? Or is this just her?

I mean, weird right?

Also, watch her face when she performs this duet with Jewel. It’s the weirdest sh*t you’ll see all day.

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