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I mean, I have it pretty good at home already, given that I’m usually in a reclining loveseat when I’m doing site stuff or show preparation, but this? I NEED THIS.

This Is How Ashley Judd Talks In Everyday Life.

And this is why I find her so intensely unbearable. In a recent interview for her new movie, Big Stone Gap, she was asked about the difference between life in the 70s and life now. And here’s how she responded:

Life in 2015 is exceedingly complex: the incessant kaleidoscope of ever-increasing visual and auditory stimuli can be crushingly overwhelming for our autonomic nervous system and brains. I believe when things are simpler, we deeply exhale and benefit in physiological ways of which we are not even aware.

Seriously? Why does she insist on saying SO MANY WORDS to say so little?

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