Ashley Judd Caught On Camera Wiping Her Armpit. At The White House. FOR REAL.

Ashley Judd went to some film screening at the White House, and apparently only received like 2 seconds notice, because she arrived wearing a ratty t-shirt, with her hair pulled up into a tumbleweed of a bun, and clearly in need of deodorant. How do I know this? Because an alert and astute reader sent me a link to the video, which you can see in its entirety right here.

Now, at the 26.01 minute mark, you’ll see Ashley make her grand entrance into the auditorium, looking like a complete HAG. BEHOLD:

2015-09-18 22 27 10

And then, BEHOLD the moment that Ashley Judd, at the White House, in her nasty dirty t-shirt, uses a paper towel to WIPE DOWN HER ARMPIT as the camera pans to the people in her row. No joke, you guys.

And the grossness doesn’t stop there. Because then there was this.

2015-09-18 21 40 44

If you want to see the video of that picture sequence, it’s at the 31.10 minute mark of this video. I mean, for crying out loud, there’s a TIME AND PLACE to act like a complete slob. I would think the White House is not one of those places, but I’m not an important celebrity like Ashley Judd, so what do I know, right? (And yes, in case you’re wondering, she brought her “EMOTIONAL SUPPORT DOG” with her – you can see her tending to the dog at the 30.10 minute mark of the same video.)

Normal rules of social settings apparently do not apply to Ashley Judd. Who, by the way, also wanted to be a part of the panel (which she was not), so she threw up her hand at the end to ask an exhaustingly long question. BEHOLD.


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  • Hannah

    Love how unimpressed Ludacris was. It’s amazing how Ashley Judd is *sooo* eager to show off how smart she is… at the one hour 44 minute mark while the moderator is asking the actual panel of experts if they have any final comments, and is not even looking at the audience for questions yet, you can see Ashley’s rat’s nest hair rising at the bottom of the screen, then her entire arm shoots up into the air and stays there, and the poor panelist whom the moderator was talking to, sort of sputters to a stop as he sees Ashley Judd standing there all “call on me … puh-leeeze…I know more about this than everybody up there and I should have been on this panel sucking all the air out of the room instead of being a PEON in the AUDIENCE fer chrissakes” so they throw to Ashley who then drones on and on and on lecturing this panel of experts with her “question.” And the absolutely brilliant thing of it all is, the panelist who responds to her basically says “yeah, thanks, we’re already doing that in the prison system.”

    How does somebody who has been given so much in life still manage to be so desperate to impress people? Must be exhausting to be inside that woman’s head.

    And by the way? She tweeted about this as though President Obama had *personally* invited her to a meeting with him at the White House. Um, not so much.

  • Jim Hetherington

    Going to Walmart right after this shindig.