Remember last week when I told you my plans to redesign my engagement ring/wedding set into a new ring to incorporate the diamond stud earrings that I inherited from my mother in law? If you missed that whole story, click here for context.

Today, I picked up the new ring. And I love it so much it hurts. The focus with the old setting was more on the bands around the solitaire than it was the solitaire itself, which I always liked, but now that the focus is far more on the three stones, I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. It’s so sparkly that it was hard to get a good photo of it. But here’s the before and after.

2015-08-24 21 30 38

I love it more than words can say.  I loved the old one too, but I ADORE the new setting.  I’m finding myself looking at my hand constantly just like I used to when Mr. Mock first proposed.

And even better is that they were able to take my old engagement ring mounting and throw a blue topaz in there, so I got an extra ring out of the deal.  LOOK!

2015-08-24 21 38 58

I’m feeling super spoiled this evening.  I am just so happy that I was able to use my mom-in-law’s earrings in something that I will wear every single solitary day.  It makes the ring just that much more special.

Anyway, had to share.  Plus, there’s a new picture of Elladog that y’all have to see, because she’s the most beautiful dog in the entire world.

2015-08-24 21 42 25

Isn’t she gorgeous with her janky wonky ear? I love her ear so much.

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  • Janet Lee

    Absolutely gorgeous. Both sets. What a fantastic idea to incorporate the earrings onto the wedding rings! You can wear the ring and the earrings at the same time 🙂

    Love the blue topaz as well. SO pretty.