There Are So Many Evens That I Can’t Right Now. I JUST CANNOT EVEN.

Listen – I’m telling you right now that you’re going to be dumber after you click this link. So, you’re not allowed to blame me if you click on it, because I’m offering you that warning.

The vajankle exists. It’s described as a bangable foot, and it retails for $175, and apparently there is a MARKET FOR THIS OMG.  This is PART of the photo, because OMG EEEEW.



But while that’s completely wack, what’s more disturbing are the comments, y’all. OMG THE COMMENTS. Here’s a sampling:

Is it possible to have the vaginal insert on the sole of the foot?

Are the toes strong enough to hold bees?

Wanna get one for my husbands 40th but how do u clean them out?

Hi, are you considering a Vajarmpit at all?

That last one was my favorite, because the company’s reply was, “No, this is not something we will consider doing,” as IF THAT WERE ANY CRAZIER than having a vajankle.


I can’t.  Someone help me understand this.

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  • Mike Otworth

    I have no confidence in explaining anything where this is concerned, but I’ll offer a theory on the bees. In an article about a museum of sex toys, they explained that small boxes full of bees comprised the first vibrators….

  • Mockarena

    But they have Actual vibrators now. Why would people still want to use bees?

    I will lose sleep over this.

  • Ailsa Nordstrom

    If you click on the second picture at the link, the lone comment on that picture is “Ok who got drunk and came up with this?”

  • Anna

    Couldn’t they at least give it a pedicure?!??!